Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

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Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

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Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit 


With powerful all-mesh heads, the Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Kit is a fantastic choice for new drummers that wish to sharpen their skills. Mesh head, a solid aluminium frame, 15 premium quality drum kits and the inclusion of all needed accessories such as pedals, sticks, cabling and a drum key, this is the ultimate electronic kit ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike.

The Alesis Turbo comes with a sturdy aluminium rack that allows you to set the mesh pads up so that the player gets the most comfortable experience possible. The mesh heads are also designed to respond much like an acoustic kit so that rudiments and dynamics can be practised accurately.

The snare drum features dual-zone technology so that rim-shots and powerstrokes can be sounded out with great clarity which also delivers a very authentic playing experience.

The brains of the Turbo packs in 15 practical, ready to play kits with 120 drum and cymbal sounds in total. Each kit has been sampled with exceptional detail so that the sound corresponds perfectly to the players' dynamic performance. For the more adventurous, the Turbo Mesh is fully USB/MIDI compatible so it can be used with computer software or other musical equipment.



  • 60 free online drum lessons with Melodics when you register your purchase with Alesis

  • Excellent Alesis Turbo kit with mesh head technology for a quiet and realistic response

  • Ride, crash and hi-hat cymbals with choke detection

  • 15 ready to play drum kits built in provides superb variation

  • USB and MIDI connectivity to work alongside MIDI compatible gear

  • Aux input to play along with any track of your choice

  • Includes kick pad tower, bass drum pedal and drum sticks

  • Superb kit for new players to develop their skills



  • Kits: 10 preset kits; 5 General MIDI (GM) kits

  • Sequencer: 30 Patterns; 12 "Follow Me" patterns

  • Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note

  • Maximum Polyphony: 64

  • Display: 3-digit LED

  • Connectors: 25-pin trigger input jack (for cable snake)

  • 1/8” TRS he adphone output

  • 1/4” TS main outputs (right and left/mono)

  • 1/8” TRS auxiliary input

  • USB port (MIDI)

  • Power jack

  • Power 9 V, 500mA, centre pin-positive

  • Dimensions

  • (width x depth x height)

  • 5.8 x 7.2 x 4.4”

  • 147 x 183 x 112mm

  • Weight 1.1 lbs.

  • 0.5kg

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