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Blackstar Fly3 Vintage - 3w Combo Mini Amp

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Blackstar Fly3 Vintage - 3w Combo Mini Amp


The Blackstar Fly 3 Vintage Mini Amp in Vintage finish is a little powerhouse that delivers 3-watts of battery-powered tone through its compact 3'' speaker. Despite its small proportions, the Fly 3 packs in 2 channels for clean and overdrive sounds, in addition to Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) technology that creates the ideal blend of American and British tone. The Fly 3 also has a built-in tape delay effect to enhance your tone and can produce assertive guitar tones even at lower volume levels. An aux-in lets you plug in your music playback device and jam along, while a line-out is compatible with both headphones and other line-level devices, so you can have the choice of plugging into a recording device, a separate speaker system, or plugging in headphones for silent practice sessions. The battery powered capability of the Fly 3 means you can take it wherever you need, for use as a compact guitar amp or even as a portable speaker for your music. The Fly 3 lets you take your sound on the road and get playing and practicing, no matter where your travels take you.




  • 3-Watt Compact Battery Powered Practice Amplifier

  • 2 Channels for Clean & Overdrive Sounds

  • Digital Tape Delay Effect for Ambient Sound

  • Emulated Line-out for Silent Practice or Recording

  • Battery or DC Powered

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