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Blackstar SUPERFLYBTPCK Super FLY Pack 12w 2 x 3" Combo

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Blackstar SUPERFLYBTPCK Super FLY Pack 12w 2 x 3" Combo


The Blackstar Super FLY pack combines several items with the Super FLY portable amplifier to enhance an alreday brilliant unit. The guitar channel offers switches that tailor the voicing of the amp to acoustic or electric. On top of that, an OD switch lets you turn on overdrive for a distorted guitar sound. Gain, bass, treble, volume, and reverb controls are provided for this channel. The other channel accepts both mics and line-level instruments through its combination XLR-1/4" input. The player can switch between mic and line modes with the button provided. A 3.5mm input is on hand for line sources such as your MP3 player, while another 3.5mm output jack can send audio straight to headphones. What's more, this amp gives you Bluetooth operation, allowing you to stream your device straight to the Super FLY's two 3" speakers. These speakers can be run in mono or stereo. You can hook into a separately available extension speaker by means of an XLR output on the rear of the amplifier.




  • Includes Super FLY Portable Amp

  • Includes Power Supply

  • Includes Gig Bag



There are a whole family of accessories included in the SUPER FLY PACK:


Use the Blackstar approved mains power supply to power your SUPER FLY when you’re staying inside.

The compact PB-1 POWERBANK will power your SUPER FLY for up to 9 hours. There are also two handy USB charging points and a useful stage torch built in.

With waterproof zips, multiple pockets for storage, access to rear the panel within the bag and comfort shoulder strap the GB-1 GIG BAG gives rugged protection for your SUPER FLY. (The GB-1 can also be used with the ID:CORE BEAM)

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