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Blackstar ID:Core BEAM - 20w 2 x 3" Stereo Digital Combo

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Blackstar ID:Core BEAM - 20w 2 x 3" Stereo Digital Combo


The Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier is a cutting edge new amp from Blackstar. It will be fairly familiar to any users of existing ID:Core models, but with brand new features that lend itself to versatility and usability. You can stream music direct from another device, such as your smartphone, and play along to it. This can be useful for writing and learning songs and playing along to click and drum tracks. The ID:Core BEAM has been designed to handle electric, acoustic and even bass guitars, which makes this the ideal practice amp for multi-instrumentalists. What's more, separate ports for the left and right speakers in the BEAM mean you get tight response across all frequencies and stereo definition that really is beyond the capabilities of lower quality amplifiers. The ID:Core BEAM even outperforms dedicated MP3 docks thanks to its impeccable build quality.




  • Super Wide Stereo Delivers Incredible Sound that Fills the Room

  • 6 Electric Guitar Voices and 2 Bass Guitar Voices

  • 2 Acoustic Guitar Voices and 2 Acoustic Simulator Voices

  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Compatibility

  • 12 Digital FX and Patented ISF

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