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Blackstar amPlug FLY Guitar - 3 Channel headphone guitar amp


Smaller than a chocolate bar, the Blackstar amPlug Fly Guitar Headphone Amp is a pocketable solution for cranked to shimmering clean tones. Of course, you're not going to be setting up your rig at home at night and shredding away but this does make that possible and it sounds great.

This tiny unit boasts nine FX and three channels and Blackstar's own 'ISF' control, which lets you get a surprising amount of different tones depending on what your mood might be! A really convenient feature is that you don't even need a jack lead - plug it directly into your jack socket and that's it. If you want to jam along to backing tracks or your favourite tunes, simply plug a source into the AUX input.

  • Patented ISF control

Blackstar's patented ISF control allows you to choose the exact tonal signature you prefer. At the lowest setting, the amplifier has a more American characteristic with a tight bottom-end and more aggressive middle, and at the higher setting the amplifier has a British characteristic which is more 'woody' and less aggressive.

  • Nine built-in effects

Nine selectable effects can be selected for any channel playing 3x Chorus, 3x Delay and 3x Reverb.





  • The foldable input jack rotates 180 degrees to plug directly into all guitar body shapes.

  • Up to 17 hours of play time from two AA batteries so you can play for longer on the FLY.

  • No need to worry about your batteries, after 30 minutes of no signal the unit automatically turns off.
  • An incredible take-anywhere amp that delivers stellar tones

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