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Blackstar FS-14, 5 Button Footcontroller for HTV-MkII

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Blackstar FS-14, 5 Button Footcontroller for HTV-MkII


The Blackstar FS-14 Footswitch lets you unlock the full potential of the Blackstar HT Venue Mk II amplifiers. It gives you simple foot control over all amplifier channels and voices for instant sound switching. The FS-14 also features independent boost and reverb switches; perfect for controlling your solo level and ambience. This 5 button, low-profile unit turns your HT Venue MkII amplifier into a completely controllable live performance tool, making the most of the amplifier's built-in functions.




  • Full Remote Control of the Venue MkII Amplifiers

  • Access All Channels, Voices, Boost & Reverb

  • Low Profile Design

  • Rugged Chassis

  • 5 Button Control with LED Indicators

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