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Blackstar FS:12 - 5 Button Footcontroller for IDC:100/150 & Unity 250 & 500

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Blackstar FS:12 - 5 Button Footcontroller for IDC:100/150 & Unity 250 & 500


The Blackstar FS-12 Footswitch provides users with handy foot control over their Blackstar ID:Core 100 and 150 and Unity 250 & 500 amplifiers. The FS-12 is equipped with 5 switches, and provides users with versatility. and adaptability The switches can be used to recall the 36 user-defined presets that have been programmed into the amplifier, allowing you to select your sound with speed and ease. The last two buttons can also be configured to control a wide variety of different parameters, via Blackstar's INSIDER software. For further versatility, the FS-12 comes with an extension socket that can be connected to the FS-13 foot-controller, to add an additional two programmable switches. The large, clear dot matrix display offers great visibility of the chromatic tuner function and current patch details. The Blackstar FS-12 is also built to the highest standards, with its sturdy aluminium body offering solid durability on the road.




  • Use to Control Your ID:Core 100 & 150 and Untiy 250/500

  • 5 Footswitches Provide Access To The Amp's 36 User Presets

  • Two Switches Offer Control Over a Variety Of Parameters

  • Includes Extension Socket To Connect With FS-13

  • Built With a Durable & Sturdy Aluminium Body

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