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Crescendo Swim Hearing Protection



Swimming ear plugs, designed for swimmers, surfers, water polo player, sailors or anyone spending time in water; Crescendo Swim ear plug is a reusable, universal fit ear canal protector designed by Dynamic Ear Company specifically to protect the ear canal and inner ear from infection prolonged contact with water.

Swimming pools can be extremely loud due to screaming and shouting. Swim blocks out excessive noise protecting the user from hearing damage.

Crescendo Swim ear plugs prevent water from entering the ear by using a triple flange ear plug, all flanges fitting in the canal. Keeping water out of the ear reduces the possibility of infection, swimmers ear (Otitis externa) and surfers ear. Crescendo Swim includes 2 sizes of earplugs  ensuring a water-tight seal in all sizes of ear. In the packaging we supply two sizes that fit most people (Medium and Large). 

The Swim ear plug is is low profile therefore does not protrude into a swimming cap and there is no chance of catching the swimmers arm during crawl or butterfly.

The Swim ear plugs are using medical grade TPE which lowers the risk of infection and the risk of mould and bacteria growth is limited (Unlike most other earplugs that have been made of sillicon and are containing plasticisers).


Benefits Swimming Ear Plugs:

  • • Reduces the risk of ear infection

  • • Prevents water from entering the ear

  • • Reduces the risk of surfer’s ear

  • • Offers protection against loud noise

  • • Suitable for use in sea water and swimming pools


Swimming ear plugs package contains:

  • • Two Large universal ear plugs

  • • Two Medium universal ear plugs

  • • Two full block water filters

  • • Aluminium key-ring carrying case

  • • Manual EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and NL




40 g


160 x 90 x 22.50 mm

Eartip size

Large, Medium, Small

Eartip color


Filter type

Full block filter

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