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Evans EQ4 Frosted Bass Drum Head, 20"



The Evans EQ4 Frosted Bass Drum Head, 22" is a single-ply head made from 10mil film, the basis for kick drum expression. A frosted finish adds warmth to the tone, slightly muffling the attack and adding a thin layer of sound dampening. The EQ4 has a 10mil internal dampening ring underneath the head too, controlling the sustain slightly and reducing unwanted frequencies. Enhancing the low end thud and reducing unwanted tones creates an open and warm kick drum sound that goes well with any shell.

Level 360 Technology produces easy tuning, confident holding-of-tune and an extended pitch range - ideal for such a versatile head. Allowing for a 360 degree playing surface that resonates with the shell thanks to the vertically enhanced collar design, the head works with the shell instead of for it.



  • Single-ply 10mil head provides an open and expressive bass drum tone

  • Internal overtone control ring curbs the mid-range resonances to produce a clean kick

  • Frosted finish slightly softens the attack, promoting a thud

  • Manufactured in the USA

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