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Metal Snares

Made from high-quality materials, our metal snares offer bright, cutting tones that are perfect for a variety of musical styles. With a selection of sizes and metals to choose from, you can find the perfect Metal Snare Drum to fit your playing style and budget. Musicmaker's collection includes options from some of the best, like Pearl and DW, in classic metals like Aluminium and Brass, so you can be utterly confident in the quality and performance of your snare drum.

Whether you're looking for an upgrade or you just need a sweet, new toy to add to the collection, Musicmaker has got you covered. Shop our collection today and feel free to get in touch with our knowledgable staff for some expert advice.

14 x 5.5" Aviator snare drum, Seamless Aluminium Shell   The Aviator snare drum is s..
Ex Tax: €817.00
14 x 6" Bluebird snare drum, double-beaded brass shell, chrome plating   The Bluebird was..
Ex Tax: €851.00
14 x 6.5" Aviator snare drum, seamless aluminium shell   The Aviator snare drum is s..
Ex Tax: €856.00
Brand: Stagg
Concert Style Snare drum set with Bag and Sticks   Metal snare drum 14" x 5.5",..
Ex Tax: €215.00
Brand: DW Drums
DW Thin Aluminium, 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum   Add the DW Collector's Series 14" x 6.5" alumi..
Ex Tax: €584.55
Brand: LP Percussion
LP Raw Series Trash Snare 14"      Literally upcycled from an actual ga..
Ex Tax: €121.14
Brand: Pearl
Pearl 14" x 6.5" Sensitone Phosphor Bronze STA1465PB     A snare drum e..
Ex Tax: €706.50
Brand: Pearl
Pearl 14"x 5" Sensitone SD Brass, Black Chrome     The Pearl Sensitone&..
Ex Tax: €381.30
Brand: Pearl
Pearl 14"x 6.5" Sensitone SD Brass Shell, Black Chrome     The Pearl Se..
Ex Tax: €421.95
Brand: Pearl
Pearl Matt McGuire 14" x 6.5" Signature Snare DrumThe Pearl Matt McGuire Model Signature Snare drum ..
Ex Tax: €340.65
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