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14 x 6" Bluebird snare drum, double-beaded brass shell, chrome plating


The Bluebird was made with the intention of becoming the workhorse centrepiece of your entire kit. It’s extremely dependable – meeting your drumming needs in any scenario, no matter whether you’re recording in the studio or performing onstage. Every hit results in amazingly detailed sound; the nuances of your playing will be sure to take centre stage each time you sit down to drum.

A chrome over brass shell leads to a snare that is incredibly resonant, while the incorporation of a double bead helps to add focus to the tone and prevents the resonance from becoming overpowering. Palladium hardware applied to the drums exterior then works to improve the connection between the heads and shell itself. This leads to a sound with far more musical characteristics than most other metallic snares on the market.

This drum is incredibly sensitive to your playing. The entirety of the batter head is responsive to all techniques. Rimshots sound surprisingly deep and thick; standard sticking is clear and accurate; side-sticking cuts through nicely; brushes produce expression and warmth; heavy strikes project massive tones. It really is an articulate snare that takes every drumming scenario in its stride.



  • Size: 14" x 6"

  • Finish: Chrome

  • Shell: 1.2mm Double Beaded Brass

  • Remo USA Heads

  • Brass Snare Wires

  • Palladium MK1 Strainer

  • Palladium Lugs

  • 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops

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