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DW PDP Daru Jones New Yorker 4pc Shell Pack

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DW PDP Daru Jones New Yorker 4pc Maple/Poplar Shell Pack - Gold to Black Sparkle Fade (Includes Carry Bags)

The Daru Jones New Yorker hits the streets! The genre-bending drummer has lent his name to a kit as versatile as his resume. Designed to be gig-friendly and fun to play, the 4-piece DJNY rig includes cases for everything. A combination of hybrid poplar/maple shell and "short stack" dimensions makes the kit sound remarkably big and warm for it's diminutive size. Its striking appearance comes courtesy of a large-flake Gold-to-Black Sparkle Fade lacquer finish.  Comes with carry bags for easy transportation and storage of your drums whilst they are not in use, the PDP Daru Jones New Yorker Shell Pack is the ideal option for drummers who demand high-end performance everywhere they go.

The hybrid maple/poplar shells offer a deep, warm tone considering their compact size and are fitted with durable chrome hardware, providing enhanced shell strength without compromising the stunning design and aesthetic that the drums offer. The shells are extremely compact and lightweight, making the kit perfect for gigging or touring drummers who require an easily transportable kit which can deliver a great sound.

The PDP Daru Jones New Yorker Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. When paired with high-quality cymbals and hardware, the PDP New Yorker Kit offers a great learning experience for intermediate drummers, whilst offering the high-quality components and features which more advanced drummers require.




  • Hybrid maple/poplar shells

  • Durable chrome hardware

  • Compact, lightweight shells

  • Stunning gold to black sparkle fade

  • Included bags for transportation and storage




  • Shells: Hybrid Maple/Poplar

  • Hardware: Chrome

  • Finish: Gold to Black Sparkle Fade

  • Item #:  PD806162001



  • Bass Drum: 18'' x 10''

  • Snare Drum: 13'' x 6''

  • Rack Tom: 10'' x 5''

  • Floor Tom: 14'' x 7''

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