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Mapex Tornado 3 Compact Kit in Burgundy Red with Cymbals - TND5844FTC-DR

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This kit is all about tone! Tight and controlled tones leap from the compact but punchy 18 x 16 bass drum, the toms are shallow and so easily tuneable to poppy, bright pitches and the 14 x 12 floor tom is also easy to keep in the sweetest of spots.

Like kits hung with a hefty price tag, this set has a 14 x 5.5 colour matched wood snare.  Complimented with a full set of 200 series double braced hardware, the kit is ready to head from rehearsal to show and back home time and time again, standing you in good stead as a busy musician.  What's more, each Tornado kit is supplied with a 2pce cymbal set, Hi Hat & Crash/Ride to ensure it can be played straight out of the box!





  • Upgraded 8 Lug Bass Drum and Snare Drum

  • Upgraded 6 Lug Toms

  • New 200 Series Bass Drum Pedal with Radius Rods

  • New Telescopic Bass Drum Spurs

  • New Lug and Badge design

  • Highly durable Burgundy wrap finishe

  • 9-ply Poplar shell

  • Newly re-engineered ball and socket tom holder for ultimate positioning

  • Double braced hardware




  • 18" x 16" Bass Drum

  • 10" x 7" & 12" x 8" Rack Toms

  • 14" x 12" Floor Tom

  • 14" x 5" Snare Drum

  • 14” Hi Hat Cymbal Pair

  • 16” Crash/Ride Cymbal

  • Tom holders (x2)

  • Cymbal stand

  • Snare stand

  • Hi Hat Stand

  • Drum Throne

  • Bass Drum Pedal

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