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Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Shell Pack 12"/14"/20"+14SD - Gloss Antique Burst

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Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Shell Pack 12"/14"/20"+14SD - Gloss Antique Burst

Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece drum kit is a cool throwback. Featuring punchy mahogany shells and retro drum sizes and finish, this classic kit gives you an open-sounding 14"-deep bass drum that's perfect for just about any style of music. The rack and floor toms serve up "period-correct" vibe, in a satisfyingly balanced blend with the kick and snare drum. These drums stand out with a gorgeous vintage-y finish, for a crisp, distinctive look that's stunning onstage. So if you're looking for value in a unique kit that looks, sounds, and plays great, you've found it: Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece!

The drums of Gretsch's Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit sport mahogany shells. Of the "big three" tonewoods used in drum manufacturing - mahogany, maple, and birch - mahogany is the softest. Softer woods produce more bottom end, while the harder ones (birch, for example) emphasize higher-pitched tones. If you like lots of satisfying, organic low-end punch in your drum sound, the Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit is for you. It's a versatile kit, as well - perfect across a broad range of music styles.

The Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit includes a 14" x 20" bass drum. If you're accustomed to playing kick drums with a depth of 16", 18", or even 20", you've been moving a lot of air - some would say needlessly. If you're going for a punchy, contemporary kick sound, you'll find the 14" x 20" size relatively effortless to work with - particularly if you've got padding and a mic in there. The final ingredient in this sonic alchemy is the kick's mahogany shell - which gives you robust bottom end. With less air to move, you can be more fleet-footed and expressive with your kick drum.





  • Gretsch-formula 7-ply mahogany shells deliver warmth and punch

  • Catalina Club round badge

  • Bearing edge: 30 degrees

  • Tom/snare hoops: 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops

  • Bass drum hoops: matching lacquer or inlay

  • Gretsch low-profile GTS tom suspension system

  • Gretsch low-profile tom and FT leg brackets

  • Gretsch single-tom holder with cymbal mount and 12.7mm L-Arms

  • Gretsch "T-Wing Nut/Bolt"

  • Gretsch bass drum mount plate with "G" memory lock

  • Chrome hardware, Remo drumheads





Manufacturer Part Number



Gloss Antique Burst


Shell pack with snare

Number of Drums


Snare (Depth x Diameter)

5.5" x 14"

Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter)

8" x 12"

Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter)

14" x 14"

Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter)

14" x 20"

Shell Material



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