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British Drum Company Lounge Club 22 3-Piece Drum Set, Wiltshire White

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British Drum Company Lounge Club 22 3-Piece Drum Set, Wiltshire White


British Drum Companies Lounge Series drums are formulated from a combination of 9 ply Mahogany and Scandinavian Birch, which has been cross laminated and cold-press moulded into a shell only 5.5mm thick. This results in super-strong, super-thin shells that produces a warm and complex tone. Like their Legend Series, these are precision hand-crafted drums and are incredibly versatile. The addition of Mahogany and 30 degree round-over bearing edges add a tremendous darker warmth and projection synonymous with the best vintage kits. These drums share the same wide tuning range to suit any musical situation producing low fat tones when tuned down and a brighter warmth when tuned up.




  • Shells: Mahogany and birch, 5.5 mm

  • Bearing edges: Hand cut, round over, 30-degree

  • Tom hoops: Triple flange, 2.3 mm

  • Bass hoops: Mahogany

  • Lugs: Diamond chrome-plated full length Palladium lugs

  • Bracket: Low mass Palladium bracket

  • Heads: Remo

  • Feature: Nyloc lug inserts to prevent de-tuning and integral Palladium memory lock

  • Includes:

    • 22 x 14" bass drum

    • 16 x 16" floor tom

    • 12 x 8" rack tom

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