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MEINL Percussion Backbeat Pro Tambourine 13" (33,02 cm)

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MEINL Percussion Backbeat Pro Tamburine 13" (33,02 cm)


The MEINL Backbeat Pro Tambourine features a black brass ring made from MEINL Cymbal alloy. Eight pairs of Meinl's standard brass jingles are attached which allows any drummer to add a tambourine sound to their snare drum. The ring is shaped to make contact 360 degrees around the drum for dynamic control while also having a raised edge for increased attack with rimshots. The tambourine is available in 13" and 14" diameters.




  • Blackened brass ring made from MEINL Cymbal Alloy

  • 13" or 14"

  • Brass

  • Black

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