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Sonor Steve Smith 14 x 5.5" Snare Drum - SSD 11 1455 STS

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Sonor Steve Smith 14 x 5.5" Sanre Drum - SSD 11 1455 STS

Steve Smith, one of the world’s greatest drummers, has been endorsing SONOR Drums for more then 30 years – more than just a good reason to celebrate with a Steve Smith Signature Snare Drum model. Steve and the SONOR engineers created a true masterpiece that is addicted to sound, features, design and most of all, Steve’s input.

The 14" x 5.5" Signature Snare Drum is an outstanding instrument, made out of an exclusive, 2.5 mm cast steel shell / 2.5 mm reinforcement rings and two air vents. Vintage style Phonic lugs with integrated TuneSafe are in place for a vintage look, and die-cast hoops and a REMO fiberskyn 3 batter head in Diplomat thickness add to the overall effect of what Steve is looking for in a snare drum: a crisp, full-bodied instrument with an immediate and effortless playing response. Besides the Signature badge, Steve’s Signature is engraved on a Re-Issue of the "Hilite Exclusive" badge, adding another "Vintage SONOR" touch.

Steve uses this instrument in studio sessions and live on tour with his groups Vital Information and Jazz Legacy.

"SONOR drums have remained my first and only choice as a high quality instrument for the past 30 years. My sound is the ’SONOR sound’, I can‘t imagine playing any other drum kit." Steve Smith




Item Name

Snare Drum



Shell Material

Cast Steel

Shell Construction

2.5 mm Dynamic Edge Reinforcement

Lugs Configuration


Snare Strainer

Throw Off Snare Action

Item Description

SSD 11 1455 STS

Snare Wire Wires

1 x SW 1424 S, 14'', 24 Stainless Steel Wires 0,5 mm

Item No.



1 piece

Shell Finish (Outside)


Shell Size

14'' x 5.5''

Shell Thickness

2.5 mm

Batter Head

REMO Fiberskyn 3 Diplomat, Single Ply

Resonance Head

REMO Ambassador Resonance, Smooth Clear, Single Ply


Die Cast

Tension Rods

20 Slotted Screw

Bearing edge


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