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Mapex Armory Dillinger 14 x 5.5 Maple Snare Drum

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Mapex Armory Dillinger 14 x 5.5 Maple Snare Drum 


Everyone has a go-to, for most it's Maple. This 8-ply 100% Maple drum is as systematic, predictable and lethal as Dillinger ever was.  Fast, Articulate and Responsive, the Dillinger will handle the most intense of musical assaults. The 8 - ply Maple Shell will open up with just a flick of the finger.  The Mapex 14" x 5.5" Armory Dillinger Snare Drum features an 8-ply maple shell that is bright in tone, well-balanced across the entire dynamic spectrum, and speaks incredibly easily. The sound of the shell opens up at the merest touch of a finger - even if you breathe on it too hard. 

The SONIClear 45-degree bearing edge is fully rounded on the outside, designed to keep the head from sitting too high like they do on older, thinner bearing edges. This results in more resonance from the shell, giving you a clearer tone with each hit. The sound is fuller and bigger than it would be otherwise.  With a SONIClear bearing edge the head is also able to vibrate more freely, and that means longer decays and the elimination of dead sounds. It's also far easier to tune a drum with a head that sits well on the bearing edge, so you don't need to have tuned drums for years to get yours to sound great.

Tube-like lugs contact the shell as little as possible to further increase its resonance, and 2.3mm Power Hoops keep your sticks from getting eaten too quickly as they lock the drum's tension down.  The Dillinger is energetic and very crisp, with the warmth and dryness that only a wooden shell can provide.




  • 6.85mm 8-Ply Maple Shell

  • Bright, Balanced and Responsive

  • SONIClear Bearing Edges

  • Tube-Design Lugs

  • 2.3mm Power Hoop

  • Walnut Stain over Figured Wood

  • Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw-Off

  • Chrome

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