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Lowden WL-35 Chechen / Alpine Spruce Acoustic Guitar

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This is the Lowden WL-35 Chchen & Alpine Spruce Acoustic Guitar #21440.


Handpicked by our acoustic specialists and experienced staff here at Musicmaker, the WL-35 Lowden acoustic guitar is one capable of introducing a player to a whole new world of subtle tone colours and dynamic range. 

Handmade in the North of Ireland for ourselves from the finest wood sourced from around the globe, this unique guitar boats a Mexican Chechen back and sides and an Italian Alpine Spruce soundboard, to name a few. 

Those in the 35 series was originally designed by George Lowden as a means of achieving a fuller, more wholesome and warmer tone from a smaller bodied guitar. With this WL (or Wee Lowden, the smallest in the series), slight geometrical changes have been made to the shape and profile of the guitar in order to relieve tension along the back of the guitar body. These subtle changes in shape, expertly chosen woods and impeccable craftsmanship come together to produce a full, warm sound that will stick with you for quite some time, should you hear it.



Specifications: Wood and Origin             


Body Part


Country of Origin

Back and Sides




Alpine Spruce


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