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EarthQuaker Devices 'Palisades' V2 Overdrive Pedal

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EarthQuaker Devices 'Palisades' V2 Overdrive Pedal

With six different clipping voices, five bandwidth settings and two gain channels, you will be hard-pressed to not find a setting that will wipe every mid-boosting overdrive off your board.  The clipping voices determine how transparent and open or tight and crunchy the distortion is.  They will vary drastically depending on where the gain is set, what channel is active and how much bandwidth is being used.  The bandwidth sets the frequency response of the distortion and goes from thin, light and clean through fat heavy and crunchy.  It may very well be the single most important control the palisades has, and what really sets it apart.

This upgraded pedal now features an updated high-quality soft-touch relay switching system for dead-silent and effortless on-stage operation, along with enhanced long-term durability.  In addition Palisades V2 features Earthquaker Devices’ all new Flexi-switch, which gives players the ability to use the pedals in either standard latch mode or the new momentary mode. 



  • Boost: Sets the level of the output boost.

  • Volume: Sets the output level.

  • Tone: Brighter clockwise, warmer counter clockwise.

  • Gain:  Sets the gain for the Channel A (lower gain)

  • Gain B: Sets the gain for Channel B (higher gain)

  • Foot Switches Activate: True bypass switch

  • Gain B: Activates Gain Channel B

  • Boost: Activates the output level boost

  • Toggle Switches Normal/Bright: Normal is a warm full tone, Bright is livelier tone with more chime.

  • Buffer: Turns the input buffer on or off.  ON is a tighter and brighter tone while OFF is a warmer tone with more sag.  The buffer is part of the drive circuit & is only available when the Palisades is activated.

  • Rotary Switches Bandwidth: This sets the overall tone and gain structure of the Palisades.  1 is the thinnest setting with the least amount of gain and 5 is the fattest setting with the heaviest gain.  Everything else is in between.  This control has a major effect on all the settings of the Palisades, especially the gain and voice controls.



5.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ with knobs.



A standard 9-volt DC power supply intended for musical instruments with a negative centre 2.1mm barrel.

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