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Yamaha PSR-E443, 61-Key Touch Response Digital Keyboard

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Yamaha PSR-E443 Digital Keyboard

The PSR-E443 is a powerful digital keyboard which is ideal for both beginners and for more advanced users looking for music production and live performance features. It has a huge range of high-quality voices and styles together with advanced features such as synthesizer-style controllers for sound elements such as filtering, effects and envelopes. The built-in speaker system, together with Yamaha's Ultra-Wide Stereo feature, provides a rich, powerful and expansive sound.

Yamaha PSR-E443
Achieve real-time control over settings with live controllers

A Powerful Keyboard for the Beginner and the More Advanced User

If you’re serious about playing the keyboard, the PSR-E433 is a great instrument to develop your skills. It has a 61-note touch sensitive keyboard that responds to how hard you press the keys. In conjunction with the Portable Grand feature this provides an introduction to basic piano-style playing. Alternatively, by selecting one of the 200 accompaniment styles on the instrument, you can experience playing with your own backing band which is great for discovering how different types of music are composed and for live performance. Even if you’re a complete beginner, the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S) system in the PSR-E443 will help you to learn at your own pace.

There are 755 sounds to choose from; everything from grand pianos, guitars and strings to drums and sound effects are instantly accessible. Two sounds can be combined to create a layered effect or the keyboard can be split to provide a different sound in the lower and upper parts.

However, what makes the PSR-E443 special is a number of additional features which open a world of options not usually found on a keyboard.

Yamaha PSR-E443
Bend notes with the pitch wheel

Discover the Fascinating World of Electronic Music

By adjusting the two live controllers you can change filtering , envelope, EQ and other characteristics of a sound. Effects can also be applied to backing styles. There is also a Pitch Bend wheel to bend notes up or down as you play.

In addition, there is an arpeggio function similar to that found on some synthesizers which automatically generates note sequences when you play on the keyboard. A variety of arpeggios can be produced by changing your fingering or the arpeggio type.

The Pattern feature creates DJ-like loops and beats which can be controlled by the player.

Yamaha PSR-E443
"Pattern" creates controllable loops and beats

Perform with your Favourite Audio Tracks

There’s an input for connecting your audio player so that you can listen to your favourite music through the keyboard’s sound system. By using the cross-fade function, it’s even possible to mix live keyboard play. The Centre Cancel feature lowers the volume level of the lead part on suitable audio tracks to create a backing for your performance.


Learn to Play with Yamaha Education Suite Built-in Software

The Song Lesson feature is a fun way to learn how to play and the PSR-E443 can even grade your performance to enable you to track your progress. There is also a Chord Dictionary which can show chords in both notation and keyboard form on the instrument’s back-lit LCD display.

The built-in Metronome provides a click in perfect time to help when learning a new song. And, unlike the old-fashioned ticking metronome, you can use it with headphones while practising without disturbing others.

Yamaha PSR-E443
PSR-E443 has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs

Comprehensive Features for Music Production

Digital Effects including reverb and chorus add the ambience of a concert hall to enhance the sound of the instrument.

Transpose makes it possible to play a song in any key, perfect for accompanying singers or other instruments.

The built-in 6-track recorder (5 tracks plus style/pattern) can be used to build up a multi-part performance.


Yamaha PSR-E443
Powerful speakers built in

The Panel Memory system can store up to 32 of your favourite sound set-ups for instant recall.

USB connectivity enables your songs and settings to be saved onto a memory drive which can be inserted directly into the instrument and a computer can be connected via the USB to host port (connecting leads not supplied).


Built-in Amplification and Speaker System

A powerful and dynamic sound is delivered from the 2.5W + 2.5W amplifier and 12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2 speaker system. In addition, Yamaha’s Ultra Wide Stereo processing creates the image of greater separation between the left and right channels. A headphone socket is provided for silent practice or for connection to an external sound system.



The PSR-E443 is supplied with music rest, mains adaptor and product documentation. It can also be operated using 6 AA batteries. An optional footswitch (FC4/FC5) and stand (L2C) are also available.




Number of Keys 61
Built-in Speakers Yes
Presets 731
Number of Effects 47
Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, EQ, Harmony, Stereo
Sequencer 6-track
USB 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
Power Supply Uses PA150 (Not Included)
Height 5.5"
Width 37.25"
Depth 15.94"
Weight 15 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PSRE443

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