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RAT Stands Starlight



The RATstands Starlight LED Music Stand Light is a professional quality product that can be used by musicians of any level and ability. This cost-effective music stand lamp allows musicians to achieve the perfect level of lighting for their performances. A strip of 10 high quality LED's, with a colour temperature of 3000K, provides light which is relaxing for the musician. Thanks to its very slim housing, the lamp does not obstruct the musician's view of the conductor. The Starlight Music Stand Light has a powerful spring clip, which can be fitted to almost any make of music stand - and the steel construction enables the clip to be very slender on the music side of the tray, preventing it from interfering with the score. The light is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and can be recharged whilst in use - so you don't need to worry about losing light mid-performance! The battery can last over five hours between charges, so is more than up to the job of lasting through a concert. The Starlight LED Light comes included with a carry case, for easy transport.



  • Adjust brightness with ease using the switch on the side of the lamp

  • Fit to any music stand using the powerful spring clip

  • Don't worry about losing power as you can recharge whilst it's in use

  • Transport effortlessly with the handy carry case

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