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Presonus Revelator USB microphone



The PreSonus Revelator USB Microphone is a compact condenser microphone designed for home recording, podcasts, gaming, live-streaming and more. It's jam-packed with useful features including voice effects and a headphone output. The Revelator delivers crystal-clear sound quality, something that is a must for delivering professional results. From capturing vocal recordings to starting a podcast, the stylish design of the Revelator is perfect for any platform. It comes complete with 16 onboard voice effects from StudioLive. The Revelator allows you to record Zoom or Skype calls as well as external sound such as gaming audio. You can also monitor your sound via headphones using the built-in output. The stylish stand is perfect for desktops and the mic comes complete with Studio One Artist and StudioLive music software to get you started.

Perfect for podcasts, live-streaming, home recording, gaming and more!

Revel in the sheer quality. The Revelator combines all the features from standard studio mics with useful tools such as onboard voice effects and loopback channels for recording Zoom/Skype interviews, gaming audio and more. It’s the one-stop-shop for live broadcasting and home recording. At the heart of the microphone is a cardioid capsule which delivers pristine sound quality. The microphone captures every nuance of your voice, delivering rich and detailed sound. 16 voice effect presets are included for adding texture to your sound, including studio-grade reverb and compression. It provides you with three polar patterns to choose from, each of which optimised for a different application. Whether you want to sing, talk with teammates during a game or interview a guest, you can do it all with the Revelator.

Record Zoom/Skype calls, gaming audio and more

Normally reserved for audio interfaces, two loopback channels are available when using the Revelator. Loopback channels are used to incorporate external sound, such as the audio from a video game or so you can interview guests for a podcast. This allows you to mix audio from multiple applications, with the built-in audio interface delivering high-resolution audio fidelity.

Built-in desktop stand and headphone output for monitoring

Never miss the action. The compact and stylish integrated stand is perfect for placing on desktops and other flat surfaces, so you can record with ease. The compact design also makes it highly portable so you can take the microphone with you if you’re recording elsewhere. Monitor your sound with the built-in headphone output which provides zero-latency performance allowing you to hear yourself in real-time. The microphone is also bus-powered so you don’t need an external power supply. To top it all off, the microphone comes complete with Studio One Artist and StudioLive software so you can record, edit, mix and much more straight out of the box.



  • Ideal for podcasting, streaming, home recording, vlogging and more

  • Professional-grade bus-powered USB-C microphone

  • Use effects on your voice live using one of the 16 presets via StudioLive

  • Record Skype or Zoom calls, gaming audio and more using the stereo loopback channels

  • Exceptional audio quality – 96kHz / 24-bit high-definition audio resolutions

  • Stylish desktop stand with built-in cable management

  • Choose from three different polar patterns for different applications:

    • Cardioid for recording sound in front of the microphone (ideal for solo use)

    • Omnidirectional for picking up the entire room

    • Figure-eight for recording sound from the front and rear of the microphone (ideal for interviews and collaborations)

  • Listen to how you sound with the built-in headphone output

  • 6-in/6-out audio interface

  • Includes UC Surface software mixer

  • Complete with Studio One Artist and Studio Magic software bundle included



  • Capsule Type: Cardioid

  • Number Of Polar Patterns: 3

  • Audio Resolution: 96Khz / 24-bit

  • Inputs: 6

  • Outputs: 6

  • Headphone Outputs: 2

  • Loopback Channels: 2 Compatibility: Mac and Windows

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