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Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Studio Monitor - 50W

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Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Studio Monitor - 50W


Key Features

  • Ultra-efficient woofers and tweeter

  • Front-firing bass port for powerful bass response

  • Integrated EQ controls and 1/8-inch stereo input

  • 50 Watt Bi-Amp module and active crossover filter ensures maximum power and tonal clarity

  • Balanced and Unbalanced inputs for maximum flexibility

  • Adjust volume and EQ to match your listening

  • Rubber padded base for acoustical isolation

  • Accurately tuned front-firing bass port -allows near-wall placement and ensures optimal LF performance


Transparent, Reference-Grade Audio Performance

The Tannoy Reveal 402 is a bi-amplified studio monitor, ideal for mixing and mastering applications. The Reveal 402 features a 4-inch custom high-efficiency low-frequency driver for extended bass response. The ¾-inch soft-dome tweeter provides exceptional high-end detail and sound reproduction.

Utilising over 90 years of British audio innovation, Tannoy have produced these affordable yet premium-grade nearfield monitors. The unique design and premium-grade components delivers transparent sound for a range of applications.

At the heart of the studio monitor is a 50W custom bi-amplified design. This provides optimal power and volume, providing reference-grade audio fidelity. Not only is great for taking your music production to the next level but I can be used for other audio work. The transparent audio can be used for audio/visual work as well as gaming.

Front Firing Bass Port & EQ Controls

The accurately tuned front-firing bass port allows for near-wall placement, ensuring there isn’t a build-up at the back of the monitor causing too much bass. The rubberised foam base also provides excellent acoustic isolation, decoupling the monitors from your work surface.

The wide frequency range captures every nuance of your source audio, delivering exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy. The ultra-wide sweet spot allows you to move around your workspace without losing the stereo imaging of your mix.

The rear of the monitor features integrated EQ controls. These controls allows you to adjust the sound of your monitors to match your listening environment. This is ideal for home and project studios where space can be limited.

Sleek Design, Versatile Connectivity

The sleek yet robust design features a poke-resistant tweeter, providing added protection for your monitors. The rear of the unit features a range of connectivity. This includes a Balanced XLR input and unbalanced ¼-inch TS input for optimal flexibility. It also includes a 1/8-inch stereo input with monitor link facility allows for the connection of mobile devices.



  • Frequency Response: 56Hz - 48 kHz

  • Max SPL: 101 dB

  • Bi-amp Output Power, RMS

  • LF/Mid Range: 25 Watts

  • HF: 25 Watts

  • THD: Input Types and Impedances

  • Balanced: XLR, 20 kOhm

  • Unbalanced: 1/4" Jack, 10 kOhm

  • AUX Link In: 1/8" Jack, 10 kOhm

  • AUX Link Out: 1/8" Jack

  • EQ Options

  • Neutral HF Setting

  • +/-1.5 dB HF Boost/CUT

  • Crossover Frequency: 2.8 kHz

  • Switchable Power Supply Compatibility: 100-120 V or 200-240 V (50 - 60 Hz)

  • Max Power Consumption: 96 Watts



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