Meinl Byzance Jazz 20" Medium Thin Ride

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Meinl Byzance Jazz 20" Medium Thin Ride

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Meinl Byzance Jazz 20" Medium Thin Ride



The Meinl Byzance Jazz 20" Medium Thin Ride is a low-pitched, complex ride ideal for Jazz playing. Articulate yet buttery, the Byzance Jazz Ride is made from B20 bronze alloy and hand hammered to create a unique complex blend of sounds. Sitting perfectly in the mix, the timbre can best be described as a tickle on the ear drums - if you're looking for a goose-bump ride, this is it.

Byzance Series

Meinl Byzance cymbals are hand hammered into shape and satisfy the highest of professional demands. Every Byzance cymbal is a piece of art and has its own unique sound characteristics which can never be duplicated.

Jazz cymbals have a regular finish and contain outstanding sound qualities, developed for the natural vintage sound that traditional Jazz requires. With a complex blend of sounds, an overall darkness and a nice spread, these factors come together to form a warm, musical mix.



  • Low pitched sound & washy overtones perfect for Jazz settings

  • Warm & full-bodied stick response keep your strokes articulate and musical

  • Soft, buttery feel when struck on the shoulder

  • Huge spread with a long sustain produces a lush texture to compliment any scenario



  • Length: 20''

  • Width: 20''

  • Height: 1.65

  • Weight: 1.90kg - Medium Thin

  • Alloy: B20 Bronze

  • Shaping: Hand Hammered

  • Finish: Traditional

  • Product Code: B20JMTR

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