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About Us

About Us

 About Musicmaker, Welcome to Dublin’s Rock Institution.

Musicmaker was founded on Dublin’s north side on November 2nd 1981. Originally situated beside the busy fruit market at Mary’s Abbey in the city, Musicmaker moved across the city to its present 29 Exchequer Street head quarters in 1986. Just steps away from one of Europe’s leading shopping streets Grafton Street; Musicmaker’s departments span over three floors which include the infamous Drumgeon drum department, the Guitar Foyer, the newly refurbished Hitech floor along with the wood clad Acoustic Room.

Musicmaker; Floor by Floor

The Drumgeon

Situated in the basement of the Exchequer Street building Musicmaker’s drum department is the spiritual home of Dublin’s drummers. With the largest cymbal display in the country and kits catering for all levels of drummer Ronan, Rob and Oisin will be on hand to talk you through the best option for you with kits on display from leading drum manufacturers DW, Yamaha, Sonor, Gretsch and PDP. Be sure to check out and ask regarding the impressive array of signed drumskins on show on the department’s walls. Each has its own story and those who have been lucky enough to have attended the infamous and underground ‘shed sessions’ that take place randomly in the Drumgeon can testify to the vibe which seems to flow through the departments veins. Impromptu performances by Chris Johnson (Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Aaron Spears (Usher), Brian Frasier Moore (Madonna, Janet Jackson), Spanky McCurdy (Lady Gaga), Mark Schulman (Pink, Velvet Revolver) are now the stuff of folklore amongst the cities drumming fraternity with every drummer wishing to get the call to say their drumming idol is in town and to drop down for a jam and some Jack Daniels.


Don’t leave the ‘Maker without seeing:

Budha Rich: Back of the department. He gives the lads their strength and maintains balance in the department. 


Drum Department: 

Ronan O Reilly 

Robbie Barrett 



Guitar Foyer

The lasting memory many have of Musicmaker is walking up the granite steps, pulling back the Guitar Neck handle of the original doors and the all consuming spectacle of hundreds of guitars, amplifiers with every accessory imaginable hanging on the walls. Given it’s rock institution reputation its only right that your first impression of Musicmaker should be of classic rock symbols such as Orange Guitar Stacks, Fender Statocasters and Telecasters and siginitare guitars from Eric Clapton to Kurt Cobain. Dave, Derren and Ste pride themselves in buying in the hottest new products while respecting the classic rock traditions by having a USA Strat and Tele available in each colour at all times. 


Don’t leave the ‘Maker without seeing:

Check out the Signed Jim Marshall Stack at the back of the department along with the Rory Gallagher Strat in the classic Fender Petrol pump display. Make the lads an offer but be warned the last offer we got was for 18k and Rory ain’t leaving any time soon. 


Electric Guitars and Amplification: 

Dave Newell, 

Derren Dempsey, 

Stephen Caffrey



Hitech & Yamaha Homeworld

The newly refurbished Hitech department in Musicmaker is now home to Ireland’s premier Yamaha Homeworld. Expect to see an impressive range of Clavinovas along with keyboards and digital pianos to suit all abilities as well as price points. Feel free to drop in and drift away from the hustle and bustle of the city (or perhaps simply the Guitar distortion blaring from downstairs) by sitting down at one of Yamaha’s flagship baby grands and reciting some Chopin. 

Musicmaker also has Dublin city’s only dedicated hitech department with qualified studio producer’s Francesco Gatti and Naomi McClaud on hand to answer and advise on any queries relating to home recording and live sound. With a vast range of gear from Interfaces to midi controllers, studio and live mics to Synths and headphones Musicmaker has everything to get you started and progress with your home studio set up. 


Don’t leave the ‘Maker without seeing:

Check out the stores selection of MOOG. Try out a Theremin or and experience Analog synth history by playing a MOOG Synth. Also be sure to ask Fran about his monkeys. 



The Acoustic Room:

Hidden in the back room of the second floor don’t miss one of the countries largest selections of acoustic guitars. With over 100 acoustic guitars on view Liam and John will bring you through the differences between woods and show you a couple of tricks they’ve learned over their combined 30 years of experience playing and selling acoustic instruments.


Don’t leave the ‘Maker without seeing:

The Martin Wall in the Acoustic Room. Musicmaker is the country’s Flagship Martin Guitar showroom. Check out these acoustic guitars steeped in history and play the famous D28 to understand why legends such as Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton along with modern players such as John Mayer and Coldplay’s Chris Martin all chose Martin as their axe of choice. 


Acoustic Room:



Do Not Miss

Ask anyone about Musicmaker and perhaps they’ll tell you about our sales. The store opened its doors with a 50% sale and this set the tone for all sales there after. In recent years Guitars, amps, drumkits were giving away free, 1 million euro worth of stock was up for grabs at dramatic reductions. The hysteria caused must be seen to be believed as people were buying plectrums in the queue and randomly receiving free gear. People camp out and share stories availing of the occasional hot tipple that may make its way outside courtesy of the stores management. You can expect about a months notice.


The Musicmaker Ethos

Having supported the countries musicians for generations Musicmaker is widely recognised as one of the cornerstones of the Irish Rock Music Industry with its Exchequer street building being seen as a Mecca for both touring musicians along with the next generation of rockers. Described recently by Glen Hansard as ‘a vital artery in the Dublin rock scene’ even for those non musicians the store is worth a visit.  


The store itself is steeped in both Irish and international musical history with visitors to the store including U2, The Script, Sinead O Connor, Glen Hansard along with international acts Blondie, Muse, Fun Loving Criminals, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers, The National and even the more unlikely Musicmaker customer LMFAO. It’s fair to say that during a trip to Musicmaker you never know who you might meet. In-store performances by Feeder and the Fun Loving Criminals along with an infamous rooftop gig by Irish Rockers The Minutes set Musicmaker on a different level to your average musical equipment store.


More than just a music store Musicmaker supports the vibrant musicscene through endorsements of the hottest new Irish talent Cast of Cheers, Adebisi Shank, Republic of Loose, Villagers, Delerentos, The Minutes. Weekly gigs at the Hard Rock Café take place every Thursday night when ‘Musicmaker Rocks Dublin’ showcasing the countries up and coming talent. Infact it’s rare when you’ll find yourself at an independent gig in the city which Musicmaker does not have some involvement in. Metal nights in Fibbers, Rock showcase gigs at the Mercantile along with the Hard Rock Café sessions are an integral part of the Musicmaker ethos of essentially supporting the hand that feeds it. 


Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday: 12:30pm - 6:00pm


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