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The Hi- hats are your main time keeping source and such, are very important indeed! As we all know, hi-hats are a pair of small cymbals played with both the left foot and the sticks to create anything from short, sharp ticks to shimmering wash. As the heartbeat of your cymbal set up, Musicmaker is always keen to provide a selection of cymbals to suit every style and budget. From Meinl Classics to Sabian Anthology series, we've got you covered.

Brand: Meinl
Meinl Byzance Jazz 14" Thin Hi-Hats     The Meinl Byzance Jazz 14" Thin Hi-Hats a..
Ex Tax: €418.70
Brand: Paiste
Paiste 2002 Medium Hi-Hats 14" - P002MHH14   Paiste’s legendary 2002 Series Cymbals have ..
Ex Tax: €332.52
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 15-Inch Medium Thin Hi Hats   The Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 15" Med..
Ex Tax: €503.25
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Classics Custom Dual 15" Hihat     The superb sound of Meinl'..
Ex Tax: €259.35
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Pure Alloy Custom 15" Thin Hi-Hats     Featuring a custom sm..
Ex Tax: €356.91
Brand: Paiste
Paiste Masters 15" Thin Hi HatsPaiste cymbals have dominated the drumming world for over 100 years w..
Ex Tax: €486.99
Brand: Sabian
Sabian 14” HHX Anthology Hi Hats High Bell     HHX Anthology is the pinnacl..
€429.00 €649.00
Ex Tax: €348.78
Brand: Stagg
Stagg Genghis 15" Medium Hi HatsIdeal for a variety of musical styles. The Stagg 15'' Genghis Medium..
Ex Tax: €267.48
Brand: Stagg
Stagg Genghis Exo Series 14" Medium Hi HatsWarm and sweet tones with the perfect amount of sizzle. T..
Ex Tax: €234.96
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