Tuned Percussion: Discover a World of Harmonies with Tuned Percussion!

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Whether you need some Tuned Percussion to inspire a classroom or you're getting ready for a solo handpan concert in an art gallery, Musicmaker are here to help. Our collection includes a variety of instruments that are specifically tuned to create unique and rich sounds and if we don't have something, feel free to contact our staff and we will do our best to accommodate. We always want to proved the best possible sound and performance, so browse our online shop or contact us via the Intercom button in the bottom corner.

Brand: Angel
Ideal for teaching children about basic musical harmony Silver plated sound blocks Supplied with..
Ex Tax: €28.45
Brand: Boomwhackers
Boomwhackers BWMP Move & Play Set   The Move and Play Boomwhacker Kit is ideal for mu..
Ex Tax: €129.34
Brand: Angel
Angel 8 Note Chime Bar Set     Bright and colourful, robust, safe and durable! An..
Ex Tax: €44.72
Boomwhacker Octavator Tube Caps 8-PACK   The Boomwhackers OC8G Caps lower the tone of the..
Ex Tax: €12.19
Brand: Boomwhackers
Boomwhackers 5 Note Chromatic Chroma-Notes Hand Bells BWHBC5     This great set o..
Ex Tax: €80.49
Brand: Boomwhackers
Boomwhackers 8 Note Diatonic Chroma-Notes Handle Bells BWHBC8     These 5" metal ..
Ex Tax: €88.62
Brand: Boomwhackers
Boomwhackers BWSS Full Spectrum Set   The Boomwhackers Full Spectrum Set brings music wit..
Ex Tax: €142.27
Percussion Plus Combi Hand Bells - Set Of 5   Create the chromatic set Add this set of..
Ex Tax: €43.90
Performance Percussion G5-G7 25 Note Glockenspiel, Coloured Keys     The Performa..
Ex Tax: €31.71
Brand: Schlagwerk
Schlagwerk Log Drum, 6 Tones F-Penta, Padouk     The sound concept of our 6-tone ..
Ex Tax: €178.05
Brand: Stagg
Stagg 37-key Desktop Xylophone Set with StandThe Stagg 37 Key Desktop Xylophone Set is an ideal inst..
Ex Tax: €405.69
Brand: Stagg
Stagg Crystal Kalimba 17 Note Pro ModelOriginating in ancient Africa, the Kalimba (or thumb piano) i..
Ex Tax: €56.87
Brand: Stagg
Stagg Hand Bell Set - 8 Notes   Bright and colourful bells - ideal for children and class..
Ex Tax: €40.65
Brand: Stagg
Stagg KALI-KID10-RD Kalimba     Introduce your kids to the world of music with th..
Ex Tax: €32.52
Brand: Stagg
STAGG TICK BELL SET 8 NOTES     Bright and colourful bells - ideal for children a..
Ex Tax: €71.95
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