World Percussion: Explore the Rich Musical Heritage of the World with Our Percussion Instruments!

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Bring rhythm and sound from all corners of the globe (wait, globes don't have corners...) to your drumming with our World Percussion selection. From African Djembes to South American Cajons, our collection of World Percussion instruments offers a wonderful range of sounds and styles to excite and inspire. Whether you're just picking up your first shaker, or you need another set of bongos to throw on the pile, our World Percussion instruments are made with nothing but the best possible sound and performance in mind. Explore our range and add unique, rich and global textures to your drumming today.

Brand: Meinl
Meinl HE-104 Headliner 8" Darbuka   MEINL Darbuka features fat lows and ringing highs wit..
Ex Tax: €31.71
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Headliner Series Wood Bongo 6 3/4 inch & 8 inch Natural   MEINL Headliner® Seri..
Ex Tax: €117.89
Brand: Meinl
Meinl HFB100BK Headliner Fiberglass Bongo - Black     The Meinl Headliner Fibergl..
Ex Tax: €113.82
Brand: Meinl
Meinl PA10ABS-BK-NH 10" Pandeiro, Napa Head   The Meinl PA10ABS-BK-NH 10" Pandeiro with..
Ex Tax: €93.50
Michael Vignoles 14" Standard Bodhran with Tape     The perfect Bodhran for ..
Ex Tax: €64.23
Brand: Toca
Toca T-408S 8" Mini Timbale Snare     The Toca Classic Timbales are the most..
Ex Tax: €93.50
Brand: LP Percussion
LP Raw Series Trash Snare 14"      Literally upcycled from an actual ga..
Ex Tax: €121.14
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Fibercraft Series Fiberglass Bongos 8.5"/7" Black CalfskinThe Meinl Fibercraft FFB400 Fibergla..
Ex Tax: €382.11
Brand: Meinl
Meinl Percussion 13" Rope Tuned Headliner Wood Djembe, Black River SeriesThe Meinl Headliner Rope Tu..
Ex Tax: €260.16
4 pack of Assorted Tippers for Bodhran     Asortment of Bodhran tippers, crafted ..
Ex Tax: €19.51
Percussion Plus Slap Djembe - Pretuned 10 "The Percussion Plus Slap Djembe, Pretuned is the perfect ..
Ex Tax: €64.23
Percussion Plus Slap Djembes 12" Rope Tuned     The Percussion Plus Slap Dje..
Ex Tax: €101.63
Brand: Remo
Remo 2.5 X 12" Ocean Drum - ET-0212-00Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, absorbing the soun..
Ex Tax: €72.36
Brand: Remo
Remo 2.5 x 16" Ocean Drum - Fish - ET-0216-10Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, absorbing the so..
Ex Tax: €104.88
Brand: Schlagwerk
Schlagwerk Claves Acacia Wood, Ø 27mm     They belong to every percussioni..
Ex Tax: €8.93
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