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Undeniably sleek

In a realm cluttered with conformity, Teenage Engineering stands as a renegade, a maverick brand that tackles problems through a lens of radical design philosophy. Take the CM-15, for instance, an enigma that, at first glance, appears to be a portable field microphone – and indeed it is. Priced at €1,199, it competes with the upper echelons of field microphones, but what sets it apart is not just its cost; it's the embodiment of features that users crave, yet manufacturers often overlook.

Here lies the crux of Teenage Engineering's ethos – thinking differently. In an industry where music gear often succumbs to an unyielding status quo, the brand injects a dose of audacity. The world witnesses an endless parade of studio mixers, microphones, and synthesizers, each a mere variation on a tired theme. Music gear forums become a battleground where the new is ridiculed, yet the lack of innovation is bemoaned.

The CM-15 emerges as a testament to Teenage Engineering's rebellion against this cycle. It challenges the norm, not just in terms of function but in the very essence of its design. It is an embodiment of the brand's commitment to reshaping the narrative of what recording gear can be.

Aesthetically masterful and packing some serious technology

Now, let's unravel the tapestry of features that sets the CM-15 apart. Typically, when you invest in a microphone, you're forced to make a choice: an analog XLR connection or USB. USB mics, while convenient, often sacrifice quality for affordability, finding their niche in budget podcasting setups. The CM-15, however, refuses to conform to this stereotype.

Teenage Engineering has defied convention by offering both connection types. This means you no longer need to compromise between the pristine quality of an analog XLR connection and the convenience of USB. The CM-15 transcends the limitations, allowing you to seamlessly connect to a computer or phone, bypassing the need for an audio interface and the tangled mess of extra cables. Not stopping there, it throws in a 3.5mm jack for a line out, catering to your needs for connecting to cameras or any other device with an input jack. Versatility takes center stage as it flaunts a built-in kickstand and the ability to gracefully perch on a standard tripod.

In a market where conformity reigns, Teenage Engineering dares to be different. The CM-15 is not just a field microphone; it's a statement. A statement that design matters, that form factor plays a pivotal role, and that innovation should not be sacrificed at the altar of convention. The threads in music gear forums may be rife with skepticism, but in the world of Teenage Engineering, skepticism is just a sign that they're doing something right. It's a rebellion against the mismatch between what people truly desire and what the market offers, a rebellion fuelled by the belief that in thinking differently, true innovation is born.

External controls are stripped down to the essential analog gain settings—high, medium, or low. Beyond that, the mic gracefully hands over the reins to connected computer software, providing a user experience that's as flexible as it is intuitive.

Simplicity and Complexity

Here's the kicker: the CM-15 Field Mic isn't just a high-quality studio microphone; it's a nomad, ready to traverse any terrain. Fueled by batteries, it's primed to adapt to your recording environment, accommodating various connection preferences without sacrificing an ounce of audio quality. Teenage Engineering has managed to strike that elusive balance, delivering a microphone that transcends the ordinary.

In a world where the norm often falls short of meeting diverse needs, the CM-15 emerges as a beacon of utility, redefining the expectations pinned to a microphone. Its unspoken slogan, "way more useful than the norm," might lack glamour, but it resonates with those who are willing to invest in a tool that effortlessly adapts to their dynamic recording lifestyles. Teenage Engineering has once again proven that innovation lies not just in rethinking the wheel but in refining it to meet the ever-evolving needs of creators.

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