Fuzz, Fun and a Some Sweeping Shifts!

Not these ones

Back again for more of the beauty and the truth in aural form!

There's heft and there's drive, and there's the fleeting twisty modulatory madness of the Pitch Fork's new, diminutive cousin.

Or so I believe, I don't really know what I'm talking about.

But I know a man who does. Take it away maestro.

The Pedals

Electro Harmonix Pico Pitch Fork Pitch Shifter Pedal

They're here. They are finally here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the brand new Electro Harmonix range is finally out, and they're a whole lot more than just dinky versions of their older siblings!

Take the Pitch Fork for example. Yeah, we know what it does, but this little fella is actually packing even more options than the original, and dare we say, it just sounds better for it. 

Don't let the Pico Pitch Fork's size deceive you: packed deep within its compact hull is a bevy of contemporary EHX upgrades. An impressive built-in Latching and Momentary footswitch makes easy work of both time-sensitive and long-term pitch manipulations. Plus, unlike the original model, the Pico Mini Pitch Fork's selectable bypass topology offers new avenues in effect functionality, making creative possibilities even more interesting. Topped off with a new pair of Vol and Sweep knobs, this is more way more than just scaling down the original - this is a full bore upgrade.

We go through the settings with no waffle, so you can just listen (reading optional!) Feel free to like and subscribe if you dig it and wanna see more - we got lot's more coming your way. Enjoy!

Up Next........

Boss MT-2W - Waza Metal Zone

One of our favourite all time pedals, from one of our favourite all time brands, the classic MT-2 Metal Zone just got the full WAZA CRAFT TREATMENT! Ladies and gentlemen, it the Metal Zone MT-2W!!

The MT-2W reflects the progressive changes to the 21st century metal scene. Guitarists are now after tighter lows, punchier mids, dynamic gain and articulate highs, which is exactly what the MT-2W provides. Choose between the original gain circuit and a brand new modern setting in the MT-2W. The first has been overhauled to widen its range. By updating the first circuit with discrete components, Waza Craft have increased the expression and tone density. Flick the switch to Custom mode and it cuts low-end and boosts the gain’s vibrancy. Turn down the volume on the guitar to hear a clearer crunch sound; this is the real party trick of the MT-2W.

There's not a millimetre in this stompbox that hasn't been upgraded, the attention to detail is absurd! We go through all the settings with no talking so you can sit back and enjoy listening. Reading optional! Like, subscribe, eat some brown bread, and most of all, enjoy!

And Finally.....

Electro Harmonix Pico Triboro Bridge Drive Fuzz Pedal

Next up from the brand new Electro Harmonix PICO Range is the TRIBORO BRIDGE Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz Pedal. A pedal that's almost comically packed with all things DIRT related - from refined overdrives to meaty over-the-top fuzzes, all encapsulated in a pedal that's small enough to fit in your arse pocket!

EHX's blurb on it:

"The EHX Pico Triboro Bridge is a tri-mode drive box with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Featuring Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz modes, it bridges any gap in your gain. With a powerful EQ, input contouring, and a pico-sized footprint, the Triboro Bridge can be your tonal keystone or a welcome change from the routine drive. Starting with Overdrive mode, the gain spectrum ranges from low to mid with an open voicing that can be used as a light always on drive or a solo boost. Engage the Triboro’s Distortion mode for additional gain-staging for a tone from crunchy rhythms to fully saturated leads. Transform the pedal into something completely different with the Fuzz mode’s over-the-top gain, Gate and Low Pass Filter".

We run through the settings with no faff, so sit back and enjoy! Shop HERE.

I'm pretty sure it's been clinically proven that effects pedals are good for your health.

There was a study or two done. The placebo group all left wearing sandels and turtle neck sweaters.

We're here to help you avoid the same fate.

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