Travels into the mind of that most precious creature....

We must make them welcome

Ah the guitarists of the world. We do love them.

I mean clearly we do, here we are, trying desperately to find them something for Christmas. Something they'll truly enjoy.

But it's hard, isn't it? They've always got so many fiddly little weird things that make no sense to the layperson.

I would like to help out. Or at the very least, offer some suggestions that will bring a wry smile to someone's face this Christmas.

Let's see what we have.....

This is how happy they'll be

I would like to start with a two part gift as together they are infinitely more hilarious than each alone.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica - Key of C and the Hercules MDS-D800N Harmonica Holder

His or her's hands might be fairly busy, but what about the face! Grace your friends with the gift of challenge and coordination in the form of an awesome Fender harmonica and a handy (hee) hands-free harmonica holder. Every guitar player secretly wants to be a one man band, and this is one big step closer.

It's Bluesin' Time

Meinl CFJS2S-BK Compact Plastic Foot Tambourine with Steel Jingles - Black

Okay, so it seems we have a bit of a theme going and maybe the face was a bit too much to ask straight away. Why not go for something low key and strap a few little jingly bits to your toes? Add a dash of brightness to those heartfelt renditions of Wonderwall with this very compact, unassuming yet lively addition to any performance. Combine with the previous suggestion and oh boy, things are getting spicey!

They said it couldn't be done! A tambourine for feet!

Schlagwerk SamJam Guitar Snare Makassar Design

We all know that what the guitar is generally lacking is drums. They just make it better. So what better solution than this handy little snare that attaches directly to the body of your guitar. What's slightly more important than the actual playing though, is to make sure you have as many natty suits as the gentleman in the accompanying video.

Clicketty Clack!

Gibson Guitar Care Kit

Is your favourite guitar player a little dirty? Are they a dirty little guitar player? Yes they are. No smirking. The ultimate care kit for every guitar, and the perfect gift for a dirty, guitar playing loved one! This handy bucket features everything you need to keep your guitar looking as great as the day you bought it.

That's right.....wipe yourself down.....

D'Addario VariGrip+ Hand Exerciser

Weak fingers an issue? Are their hammer ons just a little feeble? Why not try this wildly over engineered hand exerciser from D'addario. Apparently it has a next generation variable tension system. Impressive? Yes. It also has swappable springs, and precision tensile indicators. Because those are important for the thing.

Develop stronger, faster, and more dexterous hands and fingers...... hee hee.....

Blackstar Tone:Link - Bluetooth Audio Reciever

Okay, this thingy is kinda cool. Blackstar's Bluetooth TONE:LINK is possibly the easiest way to turn any amp with a line input, into a wireless stereo audio receiver. Make any headphones wireless. Basically anything with a headphone or line in port and away you go, no more hassle with cables. Pretty slick. Pretty Small. Very Cool.

Ebow Plus Electronic Bow

This little fella is certainly a little more expensive than my other suggestions but I do think it deserves a mention. Amaze and delight your loved ones with this little electronic marvel!  It's sort of like a violin bow, but it's electronic! It's an EBOW!

In other words.....

By replacing the guitar pick with the EBow Plus, players are able to achieve sounds that mimic strings, horns, and woodwind instruments. This incredible sound has a superb response to the strings, even when touched lightly. In addition, the EBow Plus is able to deliver a powerful infinite sustain that is incredibly rich in harmonics, delivering breathtaking sounds that make your guitar take off in a completely different sonic direction.

Like a bow, but like, an electronic bow

What endless festive cheer!

Oh, how they will love you! I mean, they love you already obviously but it's the thought, the care and attention that brings it in to perspective.

We, at Musicmaker, also love you. 

Chat soon.