"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"

If you haven't already seen it, cast your eye over this, a beautiful short film written and directed by @markwilliamlogan.

It truly captures the spirit of everything Musicmaker was, is and will be, a place of warmth, of excitement, of potential and of dreams and their realisation.

It is also and always, a place of Rock and Roll.

“What if at Christmas instead of being encouraged to buy more stuff we were inspired to believe in ourselves and manifest a brighter future where we lived our truth. When I wrote this story it was crucial she found the right home, a place which is actually committed to community, space and nurturing people. @musicmakereire are all of the above and more, as well as being entirely independent. I love them & what they do for our community.” ~ @markwilliamlogan

Written & directed by @markwilliamlogan

DoP @kennethdavidadams

Producer @davcampbell

Editor & Colourist @ostatniaprzygoda

AC Céin O’ Brien

Sound design & original music by @folding.waves

Production assist @gregmmpurcell

Production assist @georgi.akelly

Sound recordist @jack.t.foster

Gaffer Conor Mc Guinness

Starring @jessiethompson__ Lily Malone & Alice Stands

Creative advisor @nickkellymoviemusicmusings

Quote taken from Arthur O'Shaughnessy's poem Ode