Get Your Groove On with These Tiny Legends!

Man, the bass ukulele is truly a pint-sized powerhouse, offering a unique blend of portability and deep, resonant bass tones. Acoustically it almost sounds like a little upright bass. Bass players (or any musician) looking to expand their sonic horizons will find these diminutive yet delicious instruments to be a quality addition to their arsenal.

And among the array of bass ukuleles on the market, the Fender Fullerton Bass Uke is a tasty little beast indeed, boasting exceptional craftsmanship and unmistakable Fender quality.

And they look decidedly more bad ass than some other bass ukuleles on the market

Bass ukuleles, often referred to as "bass ukes," offer a compact yet robust alternative to traditional bass guitars. Despite their small size, they pack a punch with their rich, warm tones, making them perfect for acoustic jams, intimate performances, or studio recordings. They do sound excellent when played acoustically but thanks to the in-built preamp you can plug in and rock out as much as you need to. With a shorter scale length and fewer strings than a standard bass guitar, bass ukuleles are incredibly easy to play, making them ideal for beginners and seasoned musicians alike.

You are obliged to make this face when you plug it in though......

Obviously we wanted to highlight the Fender Fullerton Bass Uke. Drawing inspiration from Fender's rich heritage of instrument craftsmanship and sexy body designs, the Fullerton Bass Uke combines classic design elements with modern innovation. Featuring a sleek, ergonomic body shape and a smooth maple neck, this instrument exudes elegance and playability. The Fender-designed preamp system ensures pristine sound quality, whether plugged in or played acoustically, while the compact size makes it perfect for travel or impromptu jam sessions.

What sets the Fender Fullerton Bass Uke apart is its versatility. With a built-in tuner and onboard EQ controls, players can easily dial in their desired tone, from warm and mellow to punchy and percussive. Whether you're laying down grooves in a jazz ensemble, adding depth to a folk ballad, or holding down the low end in a rock band, the Fullerton Bass Uke delivers the goods with style and finesse.

Fender Fullerton Precision Bass Uke, Walnut Fingerboard, Olympic White

Fender Fullerton Precision Bass Uke, Walnut Fingerboard, 3-Colour Sunburst

Fender sweet, sweet bass action in a delightfully small package, the Fullerton Precision Bass ukulele delivers extremely fun aural adventures. This ukulele celebrates convenience and readiness for performance with its handy 20.25" scale length, compact build, and delightful weightlessness, making it a breeze to strum and transport Sporting a built-in tuner for swift tweaks and intuitive controls for volume and tone, the onboard preamp dishes out a lush low-end and astonishing sonic depth that belies its petite frame. Dressed in classic Fender hues and adorned with the iconic Precision Bass pickguard and headstock shape, this bass ukulele serves as the ideal canvas for musicians of any caliber.

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