Once in Tune! Always in Tune!

Paradise is upon us!

A time of glory and bounty is finally here, Tuner Fish Lug Locks have arrived at Musicmaker at last! These revolutionary wee accessories are designed to keep your drum tension consistent, ensuring that your drums stay in tune throughout even the most intense performances.

Hooooooooooo baby. At long, long last.

It's like magic but its real......

Let's take a slightly closer look at what makes Tuner Fish Lug Locks a must-have for drummers everywhere.

First and foremost, Tuner Fish Lug Locks provide a simple yet effective solution to the age-old problem of drum detuning. With traditional drum tuning methods, drummers often find themselves constantly retuning their drums mid-gig due to the vibrations and movement caused by heavy playing. This is, undoubtedly, very tiresome. However, with Tuner Fish Lug Locks, you can say goodbye to detuning woes and focus on just playing.

What could be better?

Would you like to know more?

So, how do Tuner Fish Lug Locks work their magic? It's simple. These innovative accessories securely lock your drum lugs in place, preventing them from loosening or shifting during play. By keeping your lugs firmly in position, Tuner Fish Lug Locks help maintain consistent tension across your drumhead, ensuring that your drums stay perfectly in tune from start to finish. Whether you're laying down a savage groove or delivering a thunderous fill, you can trust Tuner Fish Lug Locks to keep your drums sounding their best.

In addition to their practical benefits, Tuner Fish Lug Locks are also incredibly easy to use. Simply attach them to your drum lugs and tighten them in place with a standard drum key. Once installed, Tuner Fish Lug Locks provide a hassle-free solution to drum detuning, allowing you to focus on making music without worrying about your drums going out of tune.

Dear god it's..........beautiful...........

What do you mean there's MORE?

I know, I know.

Let's all take a breath....... take stock.

But it's true. As if that wasn't cause enough for us to run screaming through the streets with uncontrolled glee, there are in fact other things we get to be happy about. 

Tuner Fish related things.

See not only do we have their incredibly cool, handy and wonderful lug locks in Musicmaker now, we also stock their super tasty Cymbal Felts, their truly delightful Tone Control Gel and assorted other glorious accessories like towels and pouches and bits and bobs.

We all need a good towel.

I'm pretty sure I can taste these colours.

Overtones have been controlled and my tuning remains perfect? We have achieved Nirvana!

Join us in the Future!

So come one and come all, join us in Musicmaker!

A new dawn is upon us, a time of beauty, of clarity.

No longer must we play gigs, watch gigs, in Dublin, in Ireland, all the while wondering what to do about that one or two poxy lugs that will always detune exactly where you rimshot.

And sometimes I wonder, are you really playing drums if you don't lay into a good rimshot from time to time?

Check out the whole range of Tuner Fish Products here.

Or come in to the shop, and we can share the glory together.

Chat soon.