The Finest in Equipment Care Has Arrived!

Musicmaker, Dublin is thrilled to announce the arrival of the newest Music Nomad instrument care products! As a trusted name in the music industry, Music Nomad continues to set the standard for high-quality care and maintenance tools. These innovative products are designed to keep your instruments in top-notch condition, ensuring they sound great and last longer. Let's dive into some of the standout items now available at Musicmaker.

Music Nomad MN103 The Guitar ONE - All in 1 Cleaner, Polish, Wax for Gloss Finishes

For guitar enthusiasts, the Music Nomad MN103 The Guitar ONE is a must-have. This all-in-one cleaner, polish, and wax is perfect for gloss finishes. It provides a brilliant shine while protecting your guitar from dust and grime. The advanced formula is safe on all gloss finishes and leaves no streaks, just a stunningly clean guitar.

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Music Nomad MN105 Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner & Conditioner

Keep your fretboard looking and feeling new with the Music Nomad MN105 Fretboard F-ONE Oil. This premium oil is derived from 100% natural oils and is free from lemon oil, which can dry out the fretboard. It cleans, conditions, and protects, ensuring your fretboard remains hydrated and free from dirt and grime.

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Music Nomad MN109 String Fuel - All in 1 String Cleaner & Lubricant

Extend the life of your strings with the Music Nomad MN109 String Fuel. This all-in-one string cleaner and lubricant removes dirt, sweat, and grime, allowing your strings to produce their best sound. It also reduces finger noise and extends the life of your strings, making it a must-have for any musician.

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Music Nomad MN110 Drum Detailer - For Acoustic & Electronic Kits

Drummers, take note! The Music Nomad MN110 Drum Detailer is the ultimate cleaning solution for both acoustic and electronic drum kits. Its anti-static agents help reduce dust binding, while the gentle formula removes fingerprints, dust, and grime. Safe on all finishes, this detailer keeps your kit looking and sounding its best.

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Music Nomad MN890 6 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit

Vinyl enthusiasts will love the Music Nomad MN890 6 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to maintain your vinyl collection. It ensures your records remain clean and static-free, providing the best possible sound quality. Keep your records in pristine condition with this all-inclusive care kit.

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Music Nomad MN221 GRIP Winder - Rubber Lined, Dual Bearing Peg Winder

Changing strings has never been easier with the Music Nomad MN221 GRIP Winder. This rubber-lined, dual-bearing peg winder offers a secure grip and smooth operation, making string changes quick and effortless. It's a perfect addition to any musician's toolkit.

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Music Nomad MN218 String Change Tool Kit - 6 Pce.

For those looking for a comprehensive solution to string changes, the Music Nomad MN218 String Change Tool Kit is ideal. This 6-piece kit includes all the essential tools needed for a complete string change, from a string winder to a microfibre cloth. It's the perfect set for ensuring your instrument remains in perfect playing condition.

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Why Choose Musicmaker, Dublin?

At Musicmaker, Dublin, we pride ourselves on offering the best products to our customers. The new range of Music Nomad instrument care products is no exception. Each item is designed to provide superior care and maintenance for your instruments, ensuring they perform at their best for years to come. Visit us today to explore our full range of Music Nomad products and keep your instruments in peak condition.

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