Do Effects Pedals Provide Inner Peace?

Of course they do.

Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.

Take deep, comfortable breaths, first into your belly, then into your chest and release naturally

Focus on the sounds of the universe.

Sometimes, if you focus enough, the universe begins to sound like a sweet distortion pedal.

Take it away my friend.

The Pedals

Blackstar LT Metal - Compact Distortion Pedal

The Blackstar LT Metal pedal is a high-gain distortion pedal designed specifically for metal guitarists. Known for its aggressive tone and powerful output, this pedal offers a wide range of distortion sounds, from crunchy overdrive to all-out, face-melting metal tones. The LT Metal is equipped with a patent-applied-for clipping circuit (ISF Control) that emulates the dynamics and response of a tube amp, providing a rich, harmonic-laden distortion that is both articulate and punchy. This makes it a versatile tool for guitarists who need both precision and power in their sound.

One of the standout features of the Blackstar LT Metal pedal is its simple yet effective control layout. It includes controls for Gain, Level, and EQ, allowing players to easily dial in their desired sound. Combined with the ISF Control, there really is no limit to what sort of saturated overdrive you can get. The EQ control is particularly noteworthy, as it provides a wide range of tonal shaping options, from tight, focused mids to scooped, aggressive lows. This flexibility makes the LT Metal suitable for various metal subgenres, whether it's the tight riffing of thrash metal, the deep chug of death metal, or the soaring leads of power metal. The pedal's robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of live performance, making it a reliable choice for gigging musicians.

In addition to its tonal capabilities, the Blackstar LT Metal pedal is also designed with practicality in mind. It features a compact footprint that fits easily on any pedalboard, saving valuable space for other effects. The pedal is true bypass, ensuring that it does not color the signal when not in use, and it runs on a standard 9V power supply, making it compatible with most power setups. Overall, the Blackstar LT Metal pedal combines high-quality sound, durability, and user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for metal guitarists looking to enhance their rig with a dedicated distortion solution.

We run through all of the sounds and settings in just over 4 minutes, with no waffle or unnecessary chat, so you can just listen to what the effect is doing. 

Up Next.........

Boss GE7 Graphic Equalizer Pedal

The Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal is a highly versatile and essential tool for guitarists and bassists seeking to fine-tune their tone. Featuring seven bands of equalization, this pedal allows for precise control over a wide range of frequencies, from 100Hz to 6.4kHz. Each band offers a 15dB boost or cut, enabling musicians to sculpt their sound with great accuracy. This level of control makes the GE-7 ideal for a variety of applications, whether it's enhancing the clarity of a clean tone, adding punch to distorted sounds, or compensating for tonal imbalances caused by different guitars or amplifiers.

In addition to its tonal versatility, the Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal is built to withstand the rigours of live performance. Its rugged construction and durable components ensure reliability, even under heavy use. The pedal's straightforward interface, with sliders for each frequency band and a level control, makes it user-friendly and intuitive, even for those new to equalization. The GE-7's compact size also means it fits easily on pedalboards without taking up too much space, making it a practical choice for both studio and stage setups.

Furthermore, the GE-7 is renowned for its ability to address specific tonal challenges. For instance, guitarists can use it to reduce feedback by cutting problematic frequencies or to enhance solos by boosting midrange frequencies. Bassists often use the pedal to add depth and definition to their sound, especially in live settings where room acoustics can vary. The versatility and precision of the GE-7 make it a staple in many musicians' gear collections, highlighting its role as a powerful tool for achieving the perfect tone.

We run through all of the sounds and settings in under 4 minutes, with no waffle or unnecessary chat, so you can just hear what the effect is doing.

And Finally.......

Blackstar LT Dual - Compact Distortion Pedal

Expand the versatility and channel count of your amp with the 2-channel Blackstar LT DUAL distortion pedal. Channel 1 goes from clean to boost to crunchy overdrive, while Channel 2 goes from crunch to screaming high-gain lead tones. A patent-applied-for clipping circuit gives you killer tube-like response and tone. The LT DUAL pedal sports Blackstar's ISF tone-shaping feature. ISF lets you alter the character between a British flavor and an American flavor. Create the big distortion tone you've been looking for with the 2-channel Blackstar LT DUAL distortion pedal!

We run through all of the sounds and settings in just over 4 minutes, with no waffle or unnecessary chat, so you can just hear what the effect is doing.

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