Furious Fuzz, Choral Creations and Delicious Delays!


More! Always More!

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

His journeys to far-fetched sonic realms are unceasing. His explorations legendary.

We are graced with the fruits of his electro-cosmic labours.

Please Maestro, show us what you have found...


The Pedals

Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz Pedal:  Never one to disappoint, Electro Harmonix know that there are many different types of fuzz pedals out there from decades of experimentation. Having brought us the Satisfaction Fuzz pedal quite some time ago, now they've fully unleashed the Satisfaction Plus - A supercharged version of the original with a super expanded Control Board. Now featuring Tilt EQ Tone and separate BIAS control dials, literally taking your sound to any era of fuzz you desire. Enjoy!

A contemporary take on the iconic 1960s sound that gave rise to numerous memorable riffs. It delivers a wide range of textured tones, ranging from smooth leads to powerful and intense heaviness. This pedal is perfect for guitarists seeking a blend of vintage atmosphere and modern characteristics. These improvements include functionalities like the mode switch that offers FAT/NORM choices, the Bias adjustment, and the Tone dial, providing you with full command over extensive changes in sound.

Boss CE-2W WAZA CRAFT Chorus with CE-1 Mode, Made in Japan:  Of course Boss make one of the best chorus pedals on the market, they were pretty much first in line to bring out one of the very first chorus pedals, almost 50 years ago now. But there are many Boss Chorus Pedals - which one is the ULTIMATE?

Well, we think we found it. Hardly surprising that it's the WAZA CRAFT CE-2W, considering all of the WAZA CRAFT pedals are uniquely superior in both their design, in their parts and in their technology.

The CE-2W incorporates 2 of the oldest Chorus Pedals that BOSS ever released, the CE-1 and the CE-2, with the same analog circuitry and looks, but with a supercharged re-make under the hood, giving you new options previously unavailable, all with that same original smoothly modulating retro tone. Enjoy!

Electro Harmonix OP Amp Big Muff:  So. For many many years now, I've been trying to get that instant goose-bumpy iconic fuzz tone that put The Smashing Pumpkins on the map with the classic album, Siamese Dream. The closest I've come is to stack layers of Big Muff takes on top of one another, with each take smoothing out the overall result. But it can get messy. Definition gets lost, the track gets a swampy arse and generally makes me wanna hit STOP on everything, go back to the drawing board and put on Siamese Dream one more time.

So. Having recently discovered that the man himself, Billy Corgan had already gotten together with Electro Harmonix to SHOW THEM how he did it, i was super excited to try out the EHX OP-AMP Big Muff, and it didn't disappoint!

Within seconds i was huge steps closer that I've ever been to that classic nineties sound, there's just something different about the smoothness of the fuzz from this edition of the Big Muff. Still has lots of snarl, but it's more welcoming, and it turns a power chord into a glorious wall of fuzz, giving plenty of clarity and a wide range of tonal options. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. Enjoy!