Blackstar Unity 250 - 250W 1x15" Bass Combo

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Blackstar Unity 250 - 250W 1x15" Bass Combo

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Blackstar Unity 250 - 250W 1x15" Bass Combo


The Blackstar Unity Bass U250 bass combo amplifier was designed and built for sonic flexibility. Switch between three power amp stages via the U250's Response control to shape your compression, natural drive, and dynamics. Choose between three distinct preamp voicings, and then shape the result with a 3-band EQ. Increase your bass's punch, depth, and low end, with compression, chorus, and sub-octave effects. The U250 is brimming with enough connectivity for live, studio, and home use. And if you want to beef up your output onstage, you can add a Unity U250ACT powered cabinet for an additional 250 watts of power. Get the extremely versatile Unity Bass U250, and everything from valve grind to high-headroom clean will be yours.



  • 250-watt, 1 x 15" bass combo with Eminence Opus speaker

  • Response control gives you the choice of 3 classic power amp stages — Linear, 6L6, and 6550

  • 3 distinct preamp voicings — Classic, Modern, and Flat

  • Drive section is loaded with 3 overdrives — OD, Distortion, and Fuzz — with a user-controllable blend

  • 3-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid knob supplies you with plenty of sound-sculpting power

  • Compression, chorus, and sub-octave effects for increasing your punch, depth, and low-end muscle

  • Series effects loop for integrating your pedals and external processors

  • Integrated link for Unity U250ACT powered cabinet adds an extra 250 watts of power to your rig

  • XLR + 1/4" line output and a headphones output with independent level control

  • Cabinet-emulated line output and USB audio output make DI recording a breeze

  • -10dB pad accommodates both active and passive instruments

  • MP3/line input for supercharging your practice sessions

  • Ground lift for eliminating unwanted noise

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