Boss DM-101 Delay Machine Stereo Analog Delay Pedal

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Boss DM-101 Delay Machine Stereo Analog Delay Pedal

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Boss DM-101 Delay Machine Stereo Analog Delay Pedal

The Boss DM-101 Delay Machine Stereo Analogue Pedal is the definitive stereo delay experience. It presents the functionality of modern digital delays but combined with the warmth and lushness of vintage stereo analogue. Also, with a staggering eight individual BBD chips providing that authentic tone, you're free to explore an array of inventive sonic character throughout the astonishing 12 unique delay modes.

These delay modes range from shimmering ambience to cacophonic echoes and oscillating repeats, all designed to unlock your creativity. And with plenty of parameters to explore per each unique delay, your options are virtually endless - you can even select carryover to let your repeats fade out naturally after switching off the DM-101. And with typical Boss quality of life features like MIDI integration, tap tempo, and a programmable memory bank to recall your favourite delays, the DM-101 demands a place on your pedalboard.

From the DM-1 to the 101

Boss's beloved DM-1 pedal is reincarnated for the modern player with the 101. Clad in a vintage housing that harks back to the '70s delay sensation, the DM-101 is packed with classic character and tones. Even better, it boasts a fully updated feature set that includes MIDI integration, tap tempo, and tap division, footswitch support, and programmable memory - both onboard and via MIDI.

Classic stereo analogue warmth

Enjoy absolute authenticity in every echo. The DM-101's class-leading eight BBD chips give you a tone that's brimming with a rich stereo spread. And on top of that, they combine with Boss' advanced CPU controller that ensures a responsive delay that closely follows the dynamics of your playing.

Unleash your creativity with 12 unique delay modes

Whether you're searching for a slapback rockabilly sound or ethereal ambience created by oscillating repeats, the DM-101's 12 unique modes can do it. Each mode is customisable through several parameter controls and can be easily dialled to your taste with the tap tempo and tap division controls.

Six of the delays are stereo, six of them are mono affording you plenty of choice in how to shape your sound.

Selectable carryover mode

When it's time to switch the DM-101 off, the carryover function ensures that your carefully crafted repeats don't just abruptly stop. With carryover engaged, you can tap off the pedal and let your already ongoing echoes naturally fade out for a seamless transition in your songs.

Footswitch and Expression pedal compatible

Get the DM-101 playing exactly how you like. With optional footswitch control and expression pedal support, you can adjust delay parameters on the fly and control the entire panel simultaneously.

With an expression pedal connected you can operate all the top panel knobs (except MODE) at once. By setting the heel and toe positions, it's possible to seamlessly sweep between two settings for a fluid and dynamic delay experience.

Comprehensive output modes

With both stereo and mono output options, the DM-101 is a breeze to integrate into your setup. You can output both your dry and wet signal and blend them as needed. Or mute the dry when used in a mixer effect loop to use the DM-101 as a standalone effect within a larger signal chain.


  • The ultimate analog delay pedal realized with advanced BOSS technology
  • Fully analog BBD audio circuitry shaped by precision digital CPU control
  • Warm, saturated, and highly musical tone
  • Twelve modes deliver a wide range of mono and stereo delay textures, created using up to eight internal BBDs
  • Stereo output with flexible signal routing options
  • Adjustable modulation rate and depth with dedicated knobs
  • Variation knob for controlling multiple parameters that are unique to each mode
  • Selectable carryover for maintaining delay trails when the effect is bypassed
  • MIDI I/O on mini TRS connectors
  • Tap tempo function and tap division switch for creating rhythmic delays
  • Four onboard memories plus the current panel settings
  • 127 user memories accessible via MIDI program change
  • Expandable control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI



  • Number of Memories: 127 programmable memories and manual settings.
  • Input/Output Levels and Impedance
  • Input Level: -10 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 1 M ohm
  • Output Level: -10 dBu
  • Output Impedance: 1 k ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 k ohms or greater

Delay Modes



  • Type: Buffered bypass


  • ON/OFF Switch
  • MEMORY Switch
  • TAP Switch
  • MOD RATE Knob
  • MOD DEPTH Knob
  • MODE Knob
  • MEMORY Button

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