Electro Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal

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Electro Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal

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Electro Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal

Step into the fiery depths of sonic mayhem with the Electro Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal, a wicked contraption that will set your guitar ablaze with scorching tones and unleash a torrent of molten distortion upon the world! Picture this: you stomp on the Hell Melter and instantly find yourself transported to a realm where the laws of physics bow down to your raging desires. The pedal's circuits come alive with a demonic energy, generating a devastating wall of sound that will make even the heavens tremble.

At the heart of the Hell Melter lies an infernal cauldron of gain, capable of summoning a wide range of distortion flavours, from searing hot overdrive to full-blown, face-melting saturation. No matter your musical style, this pedal will transform your guitar into a weapon of sonic destruction, leaving no eardrum unscathed. With its intuitive controls, the Hell Melter gives you complete dominion over your tonal inferno. The "Fire" knob determines the intensity of the distortion, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of hellfire to suit your needs. Crank it up for a scorching inferno or dial it back for a smouldering ember of filth.

But that's not all! The Hell Melter also boasts a "Flame" switch, which ignites an additional layer of diabolical fury. Engaging this switch unleashes a swarm of fiery demons that infuse your tone with an extra dose of aggression and harmonic richness, ensuring that your sound cuts through the mix like a flaming sword through butter. Prepare to be astonished by the Hell Melter's dynamic responsiveness. It tracks your playing with supernatural accuracy, ensuring that every note you unleash is wrapped in a cloak of searing distortion. Whether you're unleashing lightning-fast riffs or sustaining soulful solos, this pedal will faithfully follow your every command, faithfully reproducing your guitar's every nuance while adding a touch of sonic sorcery.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey into the darkest recesses of tonal torment, the Electro Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal eagerly awaits your summoning. Strap it to your pedalboard, buckle up, and prepare to unleash a sonic apocalypse like no other. With the Hell Melter by your side, you'll have the power to melt faces, shatter glass, and leave audiences in awe of your fiery guitar prowess. Embrace the inferno and let your sonic demons run wild!


  • Designed around the boss of all heavy metal distortion circuits
  • Serves up the prototypical Swedish chainsaw-buzz guitar tone
  • Delivers more output than its predecessor
  • Separate Level and Distortion knobs
  • Active EQ with a parametric Mids control for precision midrange sculpting
  • Normal/Burn switch toggles between the classic chainsaw sound and a more open clipping option
  • Dry Level control allows for blending your input signal for improved low end under extreme distortion
  • Footswitchable boost section for applications that require absolute incineration
  • Built-in noise gate eradicates the hiss inherent in high-gain situations
  • Comes with a 9V power supply

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