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Get truly wild and creative with your guitar or bass sound with our huge range of Modulation Pedals. From chorus and flanger to phaser and tremolo, octave generators, slicers, corruptors and more we can't even mention because it's starting to get scary, we have a luscious variety of options to add wobble, slip, twist and magic to your playing.

Brand: Boss
Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble   The CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is BOSS' ultimate compact chorus peda..
Ex Tax: €109.76
Brand: EarthQuaker
EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Repeat Percussions Tremolo     The Hummingbird is..
Ex Tax: €211.38
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay/Chorus/Vibrato Pedal      No..
Ex Tax: €226.83
Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron     The Micro Q-Tron is a smooth envelope filter wi..
Ex Tax: €100.00
Electro Harmonix Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator   The smallest member of the polyph..
Ex Tax: €202.44
Electro Harmonix Neo Mistress Flanger     Open up a world of cool modulated effec..
Ex Tax: €85.37
Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork, Polyphonic Pitch Shift Pedal   The electro-harmonix Pitch Fo..
Ex Tax: €178.05
Electro Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator Back in 2005, Electro-Harmonix unveiled the o..
Ex Tax: €348.78
Electro Harmonix Soul Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator     Combines two sweet peda..
Ex Tax: €234.96
Brand: Mooer
Mooer Eleclady Analog Flanger     Eleclady Analog Flanger Micro Compact Pedal.&nb..
Ex Tax: €58.53
Brand: Mooer
Ninety Orange Phaser Micro Compact Pedal     Mooer Audio are dedicated to researc..
Ex Tax: €58.53
Brand: Mooer
Mooer Trelicopter Tremolo Micro Compact Pedal     Mooer Audio are dedicated to re..
Ex Tax: €48.77
Brand: MXR
MXR M101 Phase 90 Effects Pedal     This device has found its way into many of Ed..
Ex Tax: €115.45
Brand: MXR
MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe     The MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe serves as further..
Ex Tax: €187.80
Brand: Strymon
Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb     A Perfect Gentleman The magical combinati..
Ex Tax: €296.75
Brand: Blackstar
Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost     The Blackstar Dept. 10 series is a limited edition s..
Ex Tax: €153.66
Brand: Boss
Boss DC-2W Dimension C Chorus Waza Craft     The genuine BOSS and Roland Dimensio..
Ex Tax: €219.51
Brand: Boss
Boss MD-200 Modulation     The Boss MD-200 Modulation Pedal gives you all the mod..
Ex Tax: €239.84
Brand: Boss
Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone Guitar Effects Pedal     The Boss MO-2 Overtone is a gui..
Ex Tax: €117.89
Brand: Boss
Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal     Old meets new in the most versatile octave pedal yet. ..
Ex Tax: €137.40
Brand: Boss
Boss SL-2 Slicer PedalThe famous BOSS Slicer effect returns in an advanced compact pedal. Envel..
Ex Tax: €153.66
Brand: EarthQuaker
Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny - Modulated Octave Reverb Pedal     An Octal O..
Ex Tax: €215.45
Brand: EarthQuaker
EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter     EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter - The D..
Ex Tax: €268.29
Electro Harmonix BASS MONO SYNTH Monophonic Synthesizer Pedal     Electro-Harmoni..
Ex Tax: €137.40
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Nano Memory Man Analog Delay / Chorus / Vibrato PedalOver the course of the ..
Ex Tax: €186.18
Electro Harmonix Eddy Vibrato & Chorus Pedal     No one does bucket-brigade e..
Ex Tax: €104.88
Electro Harmonix MONO SYNTH Guitar Monophonic Synthesizer     This neat little mo..
Ex Tax: €129.27
Game Changer Audio Bigsby PedalThe BIGSBY Pedal is a revolutionary polyphonic pitch shifter pedal th..
Ex Tax: €308.13
Keeley Dark Side V2   The Keeley Dark Side Workstation is packed full of high quality eff..
Ex Tax: €300.81
Brand: Maestro
Maestro - Comet Chorus     Classic Analog Chorus Sounds That Will Send You Into O..
Ex Tax: €142.28
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