The Sheeran Looper + Loop Pedal

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The Sheeran Looper + Loop Pedal

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The Sheeran Looper + Loop Pedal

The Sheeran Looper + represents the next generation of powerful and portable dual-track looping pedals. It incorporates Ed Sheeran's signature looper workflow, sturdy stadium-grade die-cast aluminium pedals, and a user-friendly 1.8” colour screen with an RGB LED loop status ring for convenient performance feedback. Designed in collaboration with Ed and his production team, the Looper + harnesses custom DSP powered by HeadRush® to deliver top-notch audio quality and a multitude of connectivity options, making it ideal for street performances, studio sessions, or stage gigs.

Experience boundless creativity with Looper +, where two pedals unlock infinite possibilities. Crafted with the same premium die-cast pedals used on Ed Sheeran's stadium stage looper, these pedals are engineered for optimal dimensions and spring pressure, ensuring consistent and effortless operation so you can focus entirely on your looping performance. Control track recording, overdubbing, playback, and stopping status with ease, utilising hold functionality for seamless undo/redo and loop clearing. Expand your control options by connecting an optional external single or dual footswitch and/or MIDI controller for assignable feature control, including soloing, muting tracks, reverse playback, 1/2 speed playback, and fading loops in and out.

Effortlessly save and load your loops with Sheeran Looper +, which offers storage for up to 128 loops with over 3 hours of total onboard storage time. When connected to a Mac or PC, Looper + functions as a plug-and-play USB storage device, facilitating easy loop transfer via drag-and-drop without the need for additional software installation, streamlining the process of sharing your creations with the world.

Take your looping skills on the go with over 6 hours of battery-powered performance from a single set of four AA batteries, making Looper + perfect for gigging and street performances. Alternatively, integrate Looper + into your pedalboard setup by connecting it to a standard 9V, 0.5 A, centre-negative power adapter (not included) or power it directly from a USB port for convenient loop transfer with a Mac or PC.

With versatile connectivity options, Looper + accommodates a variety of setups, featuring a mono combo XLR and 1/4-inch input for connecting a standard dynamic microphone for vocals, stereo pair of 1/4” inputs for instruments like guitar or keyboard, stereo pair of 1/4” assignable outputs, 1/8” MIDI input (with included 5-pin adapter) for external MIDI sync and feature control, 1/4” external single or dual footswitch input, and a USB port for recording, loop transfer, and MIDI sync to a Mac/PC.

  • Record and Stream Via USB: Looper + makes it easy to reach a wider audience with your creations and performances. When connected to a Mac, or PC, Looper + simply functions as a 2-in / 2-out USB audio interface, making it easy to record using your favourite DAW, or to set up live streams and play to the world.
  • Different Looper Modes for Versatility: Looper + offers intuitive looping out-the-box with four different looper modes to achieve your ideal looping workflow.
  • Single Mode: 1 track with limitless layers for creating simple and powerful loops like Ed did when building his live show career
  • Multi Mode: 2 tracks with a global loop length for building tracks, just like Ed’s stadium stage looper workflow
  • Sync Mode: 2 tracks with different lengths that automatically stay in sync with each other
  • Song Mode: 2 tracks with same or different lengths that function as independent song sections (ex. verse, chorus, etc.)


Designed by Ed Sheeran and his production team

  • Intuitive Sheeran Looper™ single- and dual-track workflow
  • Featuring 4 looper modes: Single, Multi, Sync and Song

Professional Hardware

  • Incredibly durable die-cast aluminium pedals, as used on Ed’s stadium stage looper
  • Full-colour 1.8” display, loop status LED ring, and LED input / output monitoring
  • Custom DSP powered by HeadRush®
  • Professional 32-bit audio
  • Undo/redo, solo, fade, reverse, 1/2 speed, solo, and mute performance functions

Connect Instruments and Microphones

  • Combo XLR + 1/4” (6.35mm) input for connecting a dynamic microphone
  • Stereo 1/4” (6.35mm) inputs for connecting guitars, basses, keyboards,  or other instruments
  • Stereo 1/4” (6.35mm) outputs can be run in stereo, mono, or split modes  Connect External Gear
  • 1/4” (6.35mm) external footswitch input for connecting additional footswitches
  • 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI input for external sync and external MIDI feature control

Battery and Mains Powered

  • Power via standard 9V power supply, USB, or (4) AA batteries for street or stage performance
  • Over 6 hours of battery life during normal use; (4) AA batteries included Recording and Storage
  • Save up to 128 loops with over 3 hours of audio to internal storage; import/export  loops via USB
  • Record your performance to Mac/PC via the integrated USB audio interface

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