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Kick pedals are an absolutely essential piece of hardware for drummers. It is the connection between our feet and the bass frequencies of the drum kit. The foundation of the groove. There is indeed, a wide range of kick pedals available on the market, each with its unique design and features, including chain-drive, belt-drive, and direct-drive models. Ultimately, the type of kick pedal an individual drummer selects depends on their playing style, musical genre, and personal preference and Musicmaker is here to help you with those choices. Regardless of type, all kick pedals should provide drummers with a smooth and responsive playing experience.

Brand: DW Drums
DW 3000 Series Single Pedal - DWCP3000This DWCP3000 Single Kick Drum Pedal is packed with features l..
Ex Tax: €158.54
Brand: DW Drums
DW 9000 Series Bass Drum Pedal  The DW 9000 Series Single Pedal is a marvel of engineering,..
Ex Tax: €443.09
Brand: Gibraltar
Gibraltar 5711DB Double PedalLight on weight and features yet big on speed and performance, the stre..
Ex Tax: €243.09
Brand: Mapex
Mapex P410 Single Bass Drum Pedal The Mapex P410 Single Bass Drum Pedal is affordable, reliable..
Ex Tax: €56.10
Brand: Pearl
Pearl HWP-D53P - P530 Single Pedal and D50 Stool Combo PackageThe ideal combo for a starter. The Pea..
Ex Tax: €95.94
Brand: Pearl
Pearl P2050C Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal Chain Drive     Fans of the original Elim..
Ex Tax: €209.76
Brand: Pearl
Pearl P3000C Eliminator Demon Chain Single with Case     The Eliminator Demon Dri..
Ex Tax: €288.62
Brand: Roland
Roland RDH-100A Single Kick Drum Pedal     The Roland RDH-100A Single Kick Drum P..
Ex Tax: €176.42
Brand: Roland
Roland RDH-102A Double Kick Drum Pedal     The Roland RDH-102A Double Kick Drum P..
Ex Tax: €337.40
Brand: Stagg
Stagg PP-52 Bass Drum PedalAn extremely robust single bass drum pedal. The Stagg 52 Series Bass Drum..
Ex Tax: €56.10
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