We are Back with More of the Beauty and Plenty of the Truth

And no small amount of reverb......

It's nearly the weekend and what better way to round out the week than to allow our friend and mentor to take us on yet another journey.

I will never tire of these subtle sonic sojourns on which we travel.

It is a salve for the soul.

Lead on my friend.

The Pedals

JHS Pedals 3 Series Hall Reverb

Reverbs are a fascinating thing. Completely changing the sound and feel of your tone, and they pretty much come as standard in almost every amp these days. But finding a good reverb that suits your playing style can be quite difficult, especially if your playing style is more atmospheric. However, atmospheric reverbs can be expensive. This is about the time in our paragraph where we say, "ladies and gentlemen, meet the JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb"

the JHS blurb reads: "The 3-Series Hall Reverb is inspired by the sounds of large reverberated spaces, cathedrals and halls where the decay of natural reverb seemingly goes on forever. This pedal is perfect for players who are searching for massive, infinite and even otherworldly reverb" And on that note, we've tried it out in full, and it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin - lush, dreamy verb at a super affordable price.

But it's not entirely epic modulated ethereal reverb, it can be pulled back into a much smaller "spring reverb" sound with a slight adjustment, making it an all round contender for both beginners or professionals seeking out more dimension to their playing style.

We run through the settings with no chit chat so you can just hear the effect. Shop HERE.

Up Next.......

Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser Micro Compact Pedal

Ahhhh Mooer Pedals. The quiet, shy type, who sits in the cabinets and often get's overlooked by shoppers seeking more wow-factor from their newest pedal purchase. Allow us to tell you a secret. Mooer pedals are awesome, do exactly what they aim to do, and do it well. And sure, they don't cost a fortune, but isn't that a good thing? "Yeah, but just how well are they made for that price?" i hear you ask... Well put is this way, we've been selling them here in MusicMaker for over 10 years, and we rarely, if at all, see them coming back in for repair. Something we unfortunately can't say about the more expensive "wow-factor" pedals. Anyways, we digress..

The Mooer Ninety Orange Analog Phaser Pedal is a fantastic addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard. This pedal boasts a ’90s phase sound that is sure to capture the essence of classic rock tunes from the era. It's is a recreation of the ‘classic orange stompbox’ and features vintage and modern effects. With a 470k ohm input impedance and 10k ohm output impedance, this pedal is designed to deliver high-quality tone with minimal noise interference. Its compact size means it won’t take up much space on your pedalboard, making it ideal for guitarists who are always on the move.

One of the highlights of the Mooer Ninety Orange is its ability to produce warm and lush tones that are reminiscent of classic phaser pedals. The vintage mode mimics the sound of the original, while the modern mode produces more modern and contemporary sonics. Do you need anything else from your phaser?!

We run through the settings, all 3 of them(!) as quickly as possible, so you can get back to your tea and biscuits ASAP. And as always, shop HERE if you just have to have it! Thanks for watching.

And Finally.....

Danelectro 3699 Fuzz Pedal

We are absolutely loving this new buzz Danelectro are on, bringing back so many old, and still highly sought after, discontinued classics!

Throughout this incredible journey, Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger has also produced some of the finest foot pedals in the history of guitar effects, which includes the classic FOXX 3699 Tone Machine, one of the most iconic guitar effect pedals of all time.

Now available as a reissue, the Danelectro 3699 fUZZ mirrors all the glorious fuzz tones that made the original a must-have for thousands of players around the world, ever since it was invented by Steve in the 1970’s.

The same pedal at it's core, not just some re-hash of the original, with a 3 Dial layout - Volume, Tone & Fuzz, the new features include and secondary switch for the Octave, and a new Mid-Boost toggle switch, for when you really need to peel the paint of the walls!

We run through all the sounds and settings with no chat, so go relax, you've had a long day. Shop HERE.

Moments of momentous modulation.

Should I stop it with the alliteration? Do I want to? Is it even possible?

Who knows.....

What we do know however, is that these and so many more wonderful pedals are available in Musicmaker right now. You can explore the complete range of in-stock pedals in Effects Pedals. Be sure to check out our new Pedal Deals section for saucy savings.

As is tradition, here is art. Although my robo-chum seems to have ignored the 'pedals' part of the prompt. Not to worry.

Until next time.