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05 Dec Effect Pedals at MusicMaker A Top 5 Of 2023 End-Of-Year Review!
A selection of some of the finest pedals showcased on our YouTube channel during 2023...
21 Nov The Black Saturday Sale is Imminent!
Musicmaker has another swathe of incredible deals across all categories...
14 Nov Pico Pedals and a Taste of the Metal Zone
Sweet New Electro Harmonix Pedals and a Boss Metal Masterpiece...
30 Aug Bathe in the Chorus Chalice with our Pedal Guru and Mentor
Fantastic Fuzz and Chorus Chaos, a Pedal Adventure from Beyond the Stars...
10 Aug Stay on the Cutting Edge with the Father of Fuzz
Another trip to Pedal Paradise with our Resident Reverend of Reverb...
27 Jul More Pedal Power from the Deacon of Drive
Take a walk in Pedal Park with our guide and mentor...
06 Apr Guitar Amplifiers: A Beginner's Guide
A little Beginners Guide to different types of amplifiers and finding your sound....
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