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Roland Fantom-06 Synthesizer

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Roland Fantom-06 Synthesizer 



The Roland Fantom-06 Synthesizer Keyboard builds on the success of the now-classic Fantom series, incorporating the same sonic versatility and fluid workflow, in a streamlined and intuitive instrument. Featuring a newly designed, synth-action keyboard; the Fantom-06 includes an onboard colour touchscreen which you can use for clip-based sequencing and controlling onboard settings. Utilising their most advanced synth engine to date, the Roland Fantom-06 features a powerful Zen-Core synthesis system and deep sampling capabilities to give you unparalleled control over your sounds.

Expansive sound library

At the heart of the new Fantom synthesizer keyboard are a wide variety of genre-defying sounds taken from Roland’s ever-expanding library. From classic bass sounds to atmospheric pads and cinematic brasses; the sound library is jam-packed with studio-grade sounds ready for you to use with a single touch. You can build organic compositions using acoustic instruments such as the SuperNATURAL pianos or take it to the next level with a deep array of modern synthesis tools.

State-of-the-art ZEN-Core technology

The beating heart of the Fantom is the powerful and versatile ZEN-Core sound engine. Powered by four custom Behaviour Modelling Chips, it's one of Roland’s most flexible and expandable sound engines to date; the product of years of research and development. Offering a comprehensive sound range from authentic acoustic instru0ments to cutting-edge electronic and hybrid sounds, ZEN-Core pushes the Fantom into new sonic territory. Building on the success of the Fantom workstation series, the Fantom Synthesizer Keyboard features an advanced Zen Core synth engine providing cutting-edge synthesis.

Unparalleled expression and modulation

Zen-Core provides smooth and precise control over your sounds with a large amount of polyphony and full patch remain, meaning you never experience note drop out when changing scene. A scene can contain up to 16 individual tones, which you can combine for impressive splits or layered sounds. A single tone is made up of up to 4 partials, with each partial comprising a complete synth voice (with oscillator, filter, amplifier and dual LFO). This means a single scene can contain up to 64-oscillators and 128-LFO’s. Finish off your tone with a choice of over 90 premium quality DSP effects including the famous Roland Juno-106 Chorus circuit.

Natural sound, feel and playability

For players who demand acoustic realism, Roland has equipped the Fantom with the latest version of their highly regarded SuperNATURAL sounds. Using a combination of sampling and acoustic behaviour-modelling, SuperNATURAL offers lush strings, detailed woodwind, powerful brass sounds and more, all presented in 24bit 48khz resolution for the very first time. No matter what the genre, Fantom provides sounds to inspire.

SuperNATURAL technology and the Virtual ToneWheel engine

The new and improved SuperNATURAL pianos respond just like their acoustic counterparts, utilising advanced modelling techniques to achieve a truly natural feel and sound. It also features a range of onboard tools which you can customise to suit your personal playing style. As well as providing authentic acoustic pianos, the Fantom synthesizer keyboard also features a virtual ToneWheel engine which is designed to emulate the sound of classic VK organs. Faithfully emulated for modern users, the ToneWheel engine uses the same processes as a real tonewheel organ, utilising quick-fire playability and direct control via the touchscreen, sliders and knobs.

Deep sampling capabilities

Expand your sonic palette using Fantom’s onboards sampling tools. You can capture internal sounds, incorporate sound from hardware devices, DAWs and much more. You can even capture samples and send them to the RGB performance pads so you can instantly trigger each sound. From chopping up breaks to J-Dilla-esque melodic chops, you can do it all with the Fantom.

Classic TR-REC sequencer with clip-based sequencing

Borrowed from classic Roland drum machines, the TR-REC pattern sequencer is perfect for creating percussive loops and much more utilising both step and real-time sequencing for maximum versatility. Not only that but the onboard colour touchscreen allows you to use clip-based sequencing for instant pattern recording and triggering, providing hands-on control for you patterns.

Hands-on control with intuitive touchscreen interface

The Fantom features a comprehensive control section, comprised of a wide range of knobs, sliders and even RGB pads. You can use the sliders for controlling modulation and volume, perfect for making quick, on-the-fly changes. You can achieve everything from smooth sweeps to finer adjustments of texture and sound with the onboard controls. It also includes a dedicated synth section with high resolution (1024 step) controls for oscillator, filter and envelope, as well as buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing.



  • Incorporate sounds and features from the flagship FANTOM workstation series

  • New and improved fluid workflow

  • New SuperNATURAL pianos with authentic acoustic grand piano sound and response

  • Virtual ToneWheel Organ with harmonic bar control and quick-fire playability

  • Deep onboard sampling capabilities

  • Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers plus effects and patterns

  • Colour touchscreen for intuitive hands-on control

  • TR-REC sequencer taken from classic Roland drum machines – real-time and step sequenced settings

  • High-resolution knobs, sliders and control section

  • RGB performance pads for triggering sounds, sampling, finger-drumming and more

  • Huge DSP power providing maximum polyphony and smooth sound transitions

  • Pitch/mod lever and illuminated pitch and mod wheels

  • 4x32 USB audio interface and native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live

  • Mic input and powerful onboard vocoder

  • Support for Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more from Roland Cloud

  • Compatible with FANTOM Scenes that use ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL, and Virtual ToneWheel Organ sounds

  • Newly designed 61-note keybed with synth action



  • Keyboard: 61 keys (with velocity)

  • Sound Generator:

    • TONE

    • ZEN-Core

    • SuperNATURAL Acoustic

    • SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano (EXSN01/03 Preload)

    • SuperNATURAL Electric Piano (EXSN02 Preload)

    • VTW Organ (Only ZONE2)

    • Various MODEL sound generators (Require adding EXM Series)

  • Expansion:

    • EXZ Series

    • EXSN Series

    • EXM Series

  • Parts: 16 zones (Internal + External)

  • Scenes: 128 scenes x 4 bank

  • Tones:

    • 3,500 tones or greater

    • 90 Drum kits or greater

  • Tone Remain: 8 zones

  • Favourite: Rating System: 4 steps (0-3)

  • Tone Search/Scene Search: Rating, Character

  • Effects:

    • Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 90 types

    • Part EQ: 16 systems

    • Drum Part COMP: 6 systems

    • Insertion Effect: 2 systems, 90 types (Serial/Parallel connection selectable)

    • TFX: 1 system, 90 types

    • Input MFX: 1 system, 90 types

    • Chorus: 9 types

    • Reverb: 7 types

    • Compressor: Master Compressor

    • Input Reverb: 7 types

    • Input EQ: 1 system

  • Vocoder:

    • Band: 13, 20, 32

    • Type: Mono, Stereo

    • Preset Setting: 10

    • User Setting: 20

  • Scene Chain:

    • Chain: 16 Scenes x 32 Pages (Total 512 Scenes) per 1 Chain set

    • Set: 100

    • Marker: 36 (0-9, A-Z, a-z) per 1 Chain Set

  • Sequencer:

    • MIDI Tracks: 16

    • Group: 16

    • Pattern: 8 (per each track)

    • Pattern Length: 32 measures

    • Recording Method: Realtime recording, Step recording, TR-REC

    • Editing Method: Piano roll edit (Touch Edit/Automation support), Microscope

    • Song: 1 (per Scene)

    • File Format: Original, SMF export/import supported

  • Sampler:

    • Keyboard: Multisample

    • Format: 16/24-bit linear, 44.1/48 kHz, WAV/AIFF

    • Number of Samples: 2,048

    • Number of Multisamples: 128

    • Sampling Time: The maximum is 2 minutes 44 second (1 Sample).

  • PAD Sampler:

    • Format: 16/24-bit linear, 44.1/48 kHz, WAV/AIFF import supported

    • Maximum Polyphony: 8

    • Number of Samples: 16 pads x 4 banks

    • Sampling Time: The maximum is 60 minutes (the equivalent of approximately 660 MB).

  • Internal Storage: 2 GB

  • Others:

    • Rhythm Pattern

    • Arpeggiator

    • Chord Memory

    • Motional Pad

    • PAD Mode

    • Sample Pad

    • Note Pad

    • Partial Sw/Sel

    • DAW Control

    • Zone Mute

    • Zone Solo

    • Kbd Sw Group

    • Rhythm Pattern

    • Pattern

    • Variation Play

    • Group Play

  • AIRA LINK: When connected to MX-1

  • Controllers:

    • Pitch Bend/Modulation lever

    • Assignable Switch x 2 (S1/S2)

    • Control knob x 8

    • Slider x 8

    • Wheel x 2

    • Function knob x 6

    • Sound Modified knob x 2

    • 4 x 4 Pad

  • Display: Graphic Type, 5.5" (1,280 x 720 dots), backlite LCD (Color/Touch screen, Screensaver, Wallpaper support)

  • Connectors:

    • Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type

    • MAIN OUT jacks: (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch TRS type)

    • SUB OUT jacks: (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)

    • SUB OUT STEREO (PHONES) Jacks: Stereo miniature phone type PHONES Support

    • Mic Input Jacks: 1/4 inch TRS type

    • Line Input Jacks: (L/MONO,R) (1/4 inch phone type)

    • FOOT PEDAL Jacks: (HOLD, CTRL1, CTRL2)

    • MIDI Connectors: (IN, OUT)

    • USB:

      • MEMORY port

      • COMPUTER port (AUDIO/MIDI)

      • External Device Port: A Roland A-49 or an A-PRO series MIDI Controller can be connected. * Operation is not guaranteed if a generic MIDI device is connected.

    • Audio Interface:

      • Audio Fidelity: 24 bit/96 KHz

      • Record: 16 Stereo Channel

      • Playback: 2 Stereo Channel

    • External Memory: USB Flash drive (sold separately)

    • Power Supply: AC Adaptor

    • Power Consumption: 1,300 mAh

    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1,006 x 323 x 95 mm

    • Weight: 6.0 kg

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