Vater 3A Fatback Wood Tip

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Vater 3A Fatback Wood Tip

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Vater 3A Fatback Wood Tip



The Vater Fatback 3A Wood Tip Drumsticks are ideal for the heavy hitter looking for a durable, and powerful stick. with the standard 16'' length, you get the standard reach and overall feel, but with features designed for fat grooves and powerful hits. A short, stubby taper produces a front weighted feel for the drummer looking for a forward balance to achieve direct and punchy hits.

The rounded barrel tip is made for volume, designed to achieve as much contact on a drum head as possible to produce a full-bodied, rounded sound. On cymbals, this tip creates an articulate ping that juxtaposes the thick wash you can get with the shoulder. The shoulder is great for hitting the ride bell too for a sound that cuts.



  • Length: 16 ''

  • Diameter: 0.590''

  • Tip: Rounded Barrel

  • Tip Material: Wood

  • Wood: Hickory

  • Product Code: VH3AW

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