The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Classics

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The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Classics

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The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Classics

Introducing The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Classics, a captivating compilation of acoustic masterpieces that will transport you to the heart of intimate and soul-stirring musical moments. This enchanting songbook showcases a carefully curated selection of timeless songs spanning various genres, all stripped down to their acoustic essence. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty and emotional depth of these cherished classics, as each song comes alive through meticulously transcribed guitar chords, authentic lyrics, and captivating melodies. Whether you're a seasoned guitarist seeking new challenges or a music enthusiast looking to explore the rich tapestry of acoustic music, this collection offers an unrivalled opportunity to master the art of acoustic performance. From folk ballads to heartfelt love songs, introspective tunes to foot-tapping sing-alongs, The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Classics is a gateway to a world of musical expression that will captivate your soul and ignite your passion for acoustic storytelling.


  • EDITOR Tom Farncombe
  • PUBLISHER Wise Publications
  • INSTRUMENTATION Lyrics and Chords
  • PRODUCT FORMAT Instrumental Collection
  • GENRE Folk Music
  • STYLE Blues
  • ISBN 9781849382298
  • NO. MUSAM998536
  • SERIES The Little Black Songbook

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