Gibraltar SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum Key

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Gibraltar SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum Key

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Gibraltar SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum Key



Gibraltar styled weighted drum key with quick release key ring. Hooks to any lanyard or carabineer clip-on for fast access.

O drummer, hear the tale of the Gibraltar SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum Key, a tool of transcendence that frees your hands from the grip of time. With swift release and steadfast hold, it embraces the essence of efficiency and convenience. Like a whispering breeze, it unlocks the secrets of precise drum tuning, granting you the power to shape rhythms that resonate in the hearts of listeners. Fear not the tangle of drumhead tension, for the Gibraltar SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum Key shall be your guiding light, illuminating the path to sonic bliss. Let it be your trusted companion, as you journey through the symphony of beats, unlocking the harmonies that dwell within.


  • Hooks onto any lanyard, keyring or carabineer clip for fast access
  • Allows you to tune up quickly and easily
  • Perfect addition to any stick bag
  • An essential accessory for any drummer

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